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Jconfig games stop working after I run them in Launch box.


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I have several folders of emulators and rom's 25,151 to be exact :) .  Recently I got the Jconfig setup to work for Winter X Games for TeknoParrot.  I have the root file of this game in a folder outside of my TeknoParrot files and run it directly from the JConfig file without any issue so it doesn't interfere with Teknoparrot.  When I run it directly from the folder I have no issues and the game runs perfect.  When I import it into Launch box and download artwork and attempt to play the screen just goes dark but you can still hear the music of the game and that the controls still work.  When I try to launch the game after deleting it from launchbox it stops working all together and I have to reinstall everything  Keep in mind I can run the game in the folder 20 times non stop before importing into Launchbox.  Does launchbox change anything with the file when downloading artwork or attempt to launch in a different resolution that what's indicated in jconfig?  any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. 

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Not sure if you are doing SnoCross or Snowboarder. SnoCross I have working through teknoparrot but Snowboarder I have working with jconfig and it loads up fine in bigbox/launchbox. My teknoparrot and launchbox items are all on a seperate drive from my jconfig games as well. Do you have it pointed to the sdaemon file in your root folder? below is a screenshot of how I have mine and it is loading ok for me.

X Games Snowboarder JConfig.PNG

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