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Hi all, im new to the forums and havent used emulators/roms for 15 years plus, so maybe im a bit rusty. I recently grabbed the paid launchbox and put some roms on for the kids for the SNES, N64, Sega etc. My problem is it appears to be in slow motion and the sound isnt true speed. I read up on Mupen64plusnext and copied those files across and set up the emulator, the issue is now i cannot use a controller and but the picture/sound looks 10x better. I'm sure that one has an easy fix, but the others am i meant to go into retroarch and check all the cores, or set up individual emu's for the platforms? 

which i did try the genesis plus GX but it didnt look to look as there wasnt an exe.

Sorry for the rookie questions, i really want to get this setup working well.

using a R5 5600 ryzen for this one, so processing shouldnt be an issue.

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