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Bulk change (delete) of lauchbox DB ID possible?


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Hi everyone,
I hope this is not a duplicate, I didn't find a relevant answer.
I imported a very large number of Amiga Games into LB, but many of them were automatically identified as the right game for the wrong system (Amstrad mostly, but also C64 and Atari ST), resulting in thousands of wrong images.
I can easily delete the DB ID for each game, the correct one is then found without problems.
Unfortunately, when I select all games and then try to "Update metadata..." from the tools menu, LB works hard to download something but still nothing changes.
Is there a way to bulk delete the IDs of selected games and then update the metadata? Or is there another way to place a lot of games with their right systems?


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Usually having games scrape the wrong platform indicates that you imported them using a non-standard platform name and forgot to set a Scrape As value.

You can check if this is true by right clicking your platform and going into Edit and checking whether you have a value set for Scrape As. If not, then the easiest thing for you to do is to delete the platform entirely and importing again, this time remembering to set that Scrape As value, or even better, just using the standard name for the platform (I believe it's Commodore Amiga).

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Thanks for the reply.
I had used the correct scrape value but it was a non-standard platform.
Anyway, I already did what you proposed, I deleted and re-imported.
I used the non-standard name again (Commodore Amiga WHDLoad) but it still worked very well.

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