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LB for Android needs desperately scraping options


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I prefer to use 3d box art over box fronts in most launchbox themes. The wheel with details in LBA is no different. Unfortunately I can't set locations for the box art to scrape from for box art so it will only scrape from the LB database. I can't even copy the naming conventions of the box fronts and just rename my 3d boxes and overwrite the files in the folder because 3d images are .pngs and fronts are .jpgs. As a result I've spent close to 10 hours so far just clicking, scrolling and manually selecting 3d art inside of each NES game to replace the box art, and I'm only done through M. This is just my first system. I'm very afraid of how long the PS1 collection is going to take me.

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3 minutes ago, DeadVoivod said:

If you temporarily copy the 3D art into the box front folder, then scrape as it would be box front art kinda fooling LB thus having 3D art as box front art. Would that perhaps work? I would try it at least. 

This doesn't work because the file names its looking for end with .jpg and 3d art has to be png to keep its background transparency. If I could specifically scrape a that folder it might work but that's my issue, I can only scrape from Launchbox's database. This stinks in general because I have the perfect art for my PC set up, clear logos that I've photoshopped, box art that i've cleaned up, etc. I'm left with only what LB provides which is very flawed and I can't just copy/paste.

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