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Keyboard combinations for interface navigation?


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15 minutes ago, XERXES_II said:

Is there a way to use a keyboard combination for interface navigation?  I have a cabinet with an X-Arcade Tankstick With Trackball.  For example, I would like to use 1+2 to exit emulation.

If you are talking abut navigating BigBox then yes. There is a keyboard automation and keyboard mapping section in BB settings.

You would use the mapping section to set keys for BB UI navigation and use the Automation section to set your buttons for closing out of a game back to BB.

To exit games be sure to map for the option to "Close Active Window" and not for the option for "Exit" as "Exit" is for exiting from BB to your desktop.

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I see the Keyboard Mappings and Keyboard Automation sections.  For example, I would like to use 1 AND 2 to exit emulation not 1 OR 2.  If I press both keys simultaneously only one key is registered.  If I hold one key down and then press the other key then still only one key is registered.

Is there a way to enter 1+2 either within Big Box or by editing a settings file?

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Thanks, that took care of 1 combination I wanted.

Is Keyboard Automation (keyboard combinations) limited to these choices as of version 12.13?

Close the Active Window
Show LaunchBox
Increase Volume
Decrease Volume
Show Pause Screen
Screen Capture

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