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Android Launchbox Beta - ROMs opening from temp location, using temp name for save files in Retroarch


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I'm using the latest Launchbox beta for Android: 1.5

The emulator is Retroarch Plus (64bit) and I've tested with Beetle PSX HW and Duckstation core.

My Playstation roms are cue/bin files and are not zipped.

When opening a game from LB, such as The Legend of Dragoon, it will show the name in retroarch as a temp file in the Launchbox directory. My save file for the instance became: _storage_3964-6433_LaunchBox_Temp_bc106042-19aa-4156-8cae-518413581409_362bbab1-c426-4391-9d92-af3f985fde77_1.mcd

I noticed this was only happening on games that had more than 1 disc.

After some testing, I think it has to do just with the name of the .cue file.

The romset I have named the files with this syntax: Game name (Region) (Disc #).cue

If I remove "(Disc 1)" from the name of game folder/cue/bin then the game will launch correctly and Retroarch will use the proper game name as the save file. 


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That is correct, LB is creating an .m3u file in the temp directory. When launching from LB to RetroArch, the game is shown as: 


Yes, this does break saves/states since RetroArch would be looking for the game title. In this instance, when I created a saved state it saved as: bdaf7c4d-a416-4dcf-a358-aed481c699eb.state when my previous state would be Legend of Dragoon, The (USA) (Disc 1).state13


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