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Can't Play Due to Controller Inputs


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I recently got into emulation and I've been using launchbox for about 2 weeks. Everything was working great and then I installed DS4 Windows to use a PlayStation controller. Now all the controls are messed up on the Xbox 1 controller and Dualsense. On the Xbox controller the a button will jump and pause the game at the same time. The B button will fast forward the game. Etc. It does this on all games on all systems that I have.


So far, I've tried deleting DS4 Windows, deleting and reinstalling the roms in launchbox, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling launchbox itself. Does anyone know how to do a "factory reset" on the controls? Or even the whole thing?


ELI5 if you can. Thank you.

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If you are having issues with controls on game that has nothing to do with LB. All that is handled by the emulator. So DS4 Windows may be affecting the emulator directly. I would start by looking at your in emulator controller bindings and see if DS4 messed anything up directly in the emulator.  

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