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Updating MAME 245 to 246


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15 minutes ago, pldiguanaman said:

I currently have 245 installed what do I need to do to upgrade to 246?

Do I just need the rom set update 245 to 246? 

If you like you can update your CHD set as well. For updating your Mame romset you need CLRmamepro.

16 minutes ago, pldiguanaman said:

How do I get the 246 MAME emulator installed?

Download Mame 246 from the Mame website > Extract > copy over to your current Mame 245 folder.

Tutorial here:


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For a very easy update from one set to another I think it's also worth mentioning you can achieve the same results with romvault


With the youtube tutorial I managed to easily update my sets and now achieve it with a few clicks and a little bit of time (scanning)

The xml's to use you can easily find on the internet. I always download the xml/dat files from pleasuredome (see

Then in Romvault you can seperately configure roms, chd's and software lists and start checking your set with your current version.

For instance below, I was checking my current 244 mame roms (launchbox\games\mame) with the then latest 0.245 split set. (the xml file)

After scanning you can see what is missing. Mine was fully updated from 0.244 to 0.245 with romvault so it now says missing :0
Just add a new folder (AddToSort) and point this to your mame 0.246 update sets (chd and roms) and click find fixes.

Thats the short version. However I suggest to watch the tutorial beforehand.

Romvault CHD.PNG

Romvault DAT folders.PNG

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