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  1. Much thanks C-Beats, I appreciate you taking the time to answer and I understand what you're saying. Even that this is the intended functionality of the tool. However, then either launchbox needs a fourth option in the download metadata and media wizard or it needs an option for selecting primary or fixed images. (preferably for the images that are mostly used in the frontend of bigbox / clear logo & front box,..) I tested it through an through with only one game as example. (Dirt 4) The Dirt 4-01.png is the one I want to see in launchbox AND bigbox. (Because the Dirt 4.png
  2. Hi, I looked at the fixes in the upcoming version of launchbox 11.13 https://www.launchbox-app.com/about/changelog I did not see the bug I experience listed there on my running 11.12 version. Bug : On version 11.12, when I decide to download metadata and media and select the option 'YES, but do not replace any existing media'....it still replaces my existing media???? I discovered this because my theme does not like black colored clear logo's cause of my art background. So any clear logo's which already were linked in my games library, and which I changed to white (with p
  3. it works like a charm !!! ApplicationFileNameWithoutExtension was the one I needed indeed. once again, many many thanks CMOSS! I'll however still be on the lookout for an update on your theme 😉
  4. I've looked at it. Yes, I can get it to work like this. However...how do I change over 1700 images from the name of the zip which Mame uses to the launchbox database id of the game? How did you do that? Cause I assume you are using the same set of images as I am. Those images all have the mame/zipname .png
  5. COOL! Just what I was looking for 😁 Many thanks!!! 👍👍 I will have a look at at and hopefully I can change my theme with your attached xaml as a baseline. Fingers crossed.
  6. How can I change the Wheel2GamesView.xaml in such a way that it points to my own arcade cabinets? My cabinet artwork is located in the default directory LaunchBox\Images\Arcade\Arcade - Cabinet\ I've downloaded all arcade cabinets from coinops Diamonds plus. (arcadecabinetscoinopsdiamonds.png) So for the game 3 Count Bout I would expect to see the arcade cabinet in my uploaded attachment 3countb.png I did try to change the xaml file myself by adding a binding to it and pointing it to ActiveGame.MarqueeImagePath but sadly without result. To show how it needs to loo
  7. Hi Jason, Love your theme. Much kudos for your work. On the other hand, I made a small adjustment myself. When selecting a platform I go to wheel 4 view. Which basically now shows the LOGO and video with a specific video border for each game. (1) I changed that to showing the game theme video with parameter stretchvideo= true So, now it always shows a game video fullscreen (minus the game wheel on the left) as opposed to the logo, background and the cartridge or disk art. After selecting a game I get to the game details screen from where I can launch a game. (2) That
  8. nice vid, love the music and the style. Great job!
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