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Suggestions for Strategy Guide pdfs?


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I have found a good amount of strategy guide pdf's online which I think add to the nolstalgic feel of playing some of these old games. problem is I don't really have an easy way to access it with the pause menu, I've contemplated just adding the guide at the end of the manual, but I worry that could be bothersome to flip through the whole manual to get to the strategy guide every time, so I wanted to reach out to you fine folks if you've seen anything better? maybe a plugin or certain theme that ads a second pdf slot to place said strategy guide? thanks for any help!

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1 hour ago, Retro808 said:

If they are pdf files just add them as an “Additional App” to each game and the will show up as an item in the pause menu. 

Oh my god I feel so dumb hahaha I didn't know they show up like that. thank you very much!

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