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Airy is a minimalistic theme designed to allow the game's background image to show through. I was growing weary with how defined many themes look with the side panel and game details having hard borders that really made the UI look like 3 segmented columns. This attempts to let the UI flow quite a bit more, let it "breathe" if you will.

This theme gets a lot of inspiration from the Beats, Steamy, and Big Details themes as well and attempts to offer a lot of what those themes offer in a slightly different context to address issues some users have with those themes.

Changes from default:
A lot of the top menu items are removed and you will need to use the hamburger menu via the icon in the upper left corner.
Search/Filter section is now visible even when the side bar is hidden
This theme utilizes a list view similar to Steamy in that all games are listed on the left and the rest of the window is used to display the games details
The progress bar is displayed in the top center section of the screen when needed
The controls bar is the same as from the Beats theme and utilizes more iconography than text


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Theme has been updated to version 1.2:

Made changes to the Platform Details view
    -   Updated strings
    -   Adds tooltip to play button to see which game will be played
Made changes to the Game Details View
    -  Updated logic for the play button version dropdown to only display versions you can play
    -  Added a manage button to manage game installations with

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