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disable epic games 2k launcher from bigbox


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14 hours ago, azzarq said:

I have a couple of games that start with the annoying 2k launcher. In bigbox it ruins the experience. Is there a way to disable it and just go straight to the game? I googled the problem, but there seems to be a steam solution.

I have the Bioshock trilogy on the Epic Store that launch via the 2K launcher. I use an AutoHotKey script to click Play in the 2K launcher so that once I start the game from LaunchBox it goes into the game without further interaction. Try the following AutoHotKey script. In LaunchBox add it as an additional app to your games.

SetTitleMatchMode, 1
SendMode Input

WinWait, 2K Launcher |
Sleep 1500
Send {Tab 4}
Sleep 200
Send {Space}

If you don't know how to add a script to your game as an additional app I wrote how to do that here:


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