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Guest mdac356

The BigBox search function has almost no common equivalent to any media front-end in existence including netflix, hulu, roku, mame, rpcs3, yuzu....and the list goes on.  We search for "pac-man" and the search returns 50+ games in because the description metadata mentions “pac-man” in passing.

This search algorithm is the equivalent of searching for "star wars" and netflix returning 200+ films in alphabetical order because the metadata for those films include "...Industrial Light and Magic who did the special effects for star wars". Your "star wars" search would return Forrest Gump, Downsizing, Black Panther, and hundreds of films. I'm sure you, as paying netflix users, don't appreciate scrolling through 200+ films to find the move you are searching for. I and other uses who have requested this feature, also do not appreciate scrolling through 50+ games to find the one we want to play. 

Favorites don't cut it. Custom playlists don't cut it. We don't know what our players will be searching for before hand. 

Having a search by title option that reflects commonplace search functionality established for years by larger players is application development 101.

Please add such a “feature”.


PS: Personally, I feel somewhat tricked here in purchasing BigBox, especially after reading how your company has responded to other people requesting a "search by title" feature. When I buy a car, no matter how fancy and beautiful it is, I expect it to use liquid gas or electricity—unless the dealer tells me that their car is unusual before I buy it. Your search function is like buying a car and then the dealer tells me after the fact “oh, by the way it uses compressed air as fuel. It that's a hassle...oh well....sorry!"

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