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Can I upload this to the Game media tab for others to use? Want to ask before I do so.


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I took my Wii U collection of 734 games, I made sure to have each of them assigned to the proper game in the database and added any missing titles to the database.

Then I took the actual games icon image and background art it shows when you load them game and converted it to PNG format at its native resolution. Would i be allowed to upload this to the site or would it be against the rules? Want to make sure before I do it.

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Was asking because these were taken directly from the WiiU games themselves. Wasn't sure on the rules on uploading something like that.

But it is 100% of the icons and backgrounds from all the games in the list and them assigned to a database entry.

Star Fox Zero-01.png


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U-01.png

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U-02.png

Tekken Tag Tournament 2_ Wii U Edition-01.png

Tekken Tag Tournament 2_ Wii U Edition-02.png

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Can, it is 100% of backgrounds too from the entire collection and they are all US based games but 1 which Cemu labels as "Many".

Not sure exactly how to set it up on there as this will be the first time, but have made the packs already so should be pretty easy, will set it up and link it here to make sure I did it correctly.

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