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Newbie here: Question about Mame


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I downloaded Bigbox recently. Whenever I load a game I have to tab and change user interface-On screen display to none. It is stuck in the down command so, every time I push down on the joystick the on screen display shows up. I have to do this every time for every game.

I looked in the .ini files and cannot find it can you help? Thanks

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You won't find any of MAME's key assignments in any ini file.  MAME's default for the On Screen Display is the ` (tick) key (top left corner of the keyboard, left of "1").  The simplest way to reset that is to delete "default.cfg" in MAME's /cfg/ folder. 

If you have made other custom Input Assignments that you want to keep, instead of deleting the file:

  • open standalone MAME
  • open General Settings
  • Input Assignments
  • User Interface
  • it'll be the 1st one on the list
    • press Delete
  • press Esc twice
  • click Save Settings

To confirm that it saved, exit MAME and then restart it. Navigate to User Interface and see if it still says None.

If it didn't save, you probably have default.cfg set to Read Only or you're having MAME load a custom controller configuration file. 

If it's set to Read-only, right-click the file and select properties. Uncheck "Read-only" and click OK.  Open MAME and go through the steps outlined above and then exit MAME. Set the file back to Read-only.

If you're loading a custom controller configuration file, open that file (located in MAME's /ctrlr/ folder) with a text editor, and search for "UI_ON_SCREEN_DISPLAY".  Change whatever it's assigned to (sounds like KEYCODE_DOWN), to NONE.

<port type="UI_ON_SCREEN_DISPLAY">
   <newseq type="standard">


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