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Video playback on Game Detail page


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Hi! I wanted to ask about the video playback on games detail page on BigBox mode. I have on several games, Video Snaps, multiple Video Trailers and Commercial Videos. When I select a game one random video file gets seleted (eg. the video snap) and plays in a loop. If I select another game and return to the one with multiple videos another related video gets selected randomly (eg. a commercial) and plays in a loop. Is there an option to play all the related video media (like a playlist) instead of only one? If not can this be done by modifiing my theme? Currently my only option would be to merge all my different video types into one file, but I wouldn't want that.

Thanks in advance.

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I understand that this would require some update on the components as each video has its own resolution and the whole video playback component would need to refresh itself to different dimensions and know when the full playback on the video is completed. This could be tricky while using vlc as a playback engine and getting the status of the playback video. Is there a posibility to support something like that in the future? Also I recently got a subscription to EmuMovies and downloaded some video snaps for my games. Since then on BigBox I get playback only on video snaps even if I have trailer type videos on some games. My guess is that the randomly picked video is prioritezed by the defined video type category, so if I have a video snap and a video trailer for a game I would never get playback from a trailer video, right? I would need to have a single type of video defined in order to get a chance to randomly pick one of the available.

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