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Mame pixels in lb


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Hey guys, when I run LB my roms(mame) are so pixelated. When I run roms direct from mame i get a real nice quality of picture. When booting mame directly, I do see the video options such as hls etc. When I run from LB, the pixelation is so bad. Obviously, I have lbox opening my rom with the version of mame that works great(when not opening from lbox) make sense? And ideas? If tough to see but in real person it's bad.. 1st pic is when i open mame directly, 2nd is in lbox. 20221123_220613.thumb.jpg.8206eab6c7074a2f9e28e013095e7c2d.jpg20221123_220500.thumb.jpg.54918fa1cb411cf5cf7e7bb2c406eba8.jpg

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1 hour ago, oilersman said:

where will I find that?

ToolsManageEmulators.  Select your MAME emulator and click Edit.

Looke at where it says Default Command-Line Parameters.


1 hour ago, oilersman said:

what do I change it too?

If it is in there, try removing it and click OK (to save the change).  Then start a game and look at what (if any) changes you see.

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