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I've been using Nebula to emulate CPS-3 games. Unfortunatelly, when I use Launchbox this emulator does not load automatically the games.

I tried then MAME (0.25b) instead, but I can not make CPS-3 games work. Surely I am doing something wrong but when it keeps loading the rom and nothing happens (I waited 10 or more minutes and it did not finished loading the rom). When I use Nebula the rom is inmediatelly loaded.

Is there any way to make CPS-3 games run in MAME? 

Thanks a lot for your help and kind regads.

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Thanks Lordmonkus.

I tried to downlaod pleasuredome romset, but it is more than 70 GB... To get CPS-3 roms it is excesive for me. 

I downloaded again those roms and their bios from several websites, but none of them seem to work with MAME. It is quite amazing, as Nebula works with CPS-3 many years ago, and it seems that MAME is not able to make it work as easily.

I would prefer to run all my arcade games througn MAME using Launhbox, but I think the easiest solution is keep using Nebula, even when it can not be launched with Launchbox.

Thanks for your patience.

Best regards.

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