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Problem with release dates in Launchbox's metadata


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I like to display my games on Bigbox sorted by release date. Now, most release dates I get when I download/update metadata from Launchbox are completely wrong. I even got a game dated 1947... Any idea how often the database gets updated with corrections? And who is supposed to work on that? Launchbox's team or does the data originate from some third-party?

Moreover, Bigbox acts weird when I display my Atari 2600 collection. Some 1982 titles come after others dated 1983. I found no way to fix that on Launchbox. Any clues?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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The GamesDB is entirely community driven. The file you get locally that is used for scraping is updated once a day. If you find a game that has the wrong date you can submit the change the DB yourself. Then some one will moderate the change (mark accept/delete) and once it gets enough accept votes the data is changed.

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