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Odd behaviour in BB & LB with startup screens


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Hey all, long time big box and launchbox user here but have recently experienced a weird issue, basically I have the spinning discs game startup on using unified theme in bb.

When the discs spin the emulators (various disc based systems) start in the background then the disc slows down and starts again briefly, only then does it switch to the emulator/game but by then I have missed the system bios/logo startup.

Normally the disc would spin up and after about 3-4 seconds it would then flick to the emulator/game and show all the bios/startup screens properly.

I have tried reseting theme and bb options to there default, re-downloaded unified theme files/repaired it and also enabled and disabled the game startup delay in theme specific options and looked into retroarch options to no avail.

I have the latest retroarch and BB/LB on Win 10.

Any ideas how I can get it back to normal behaviour, cheers?

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13 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

Have you verified that a setting didn't get changed in your emulator and you just aren't showing the BIOS/Boot screen anymore?

Hey, thanks for responding, yes I can confirm no settings at all were changed in retroarch/the emulators. The startup bios screens still play and show but only behind the bigbox spinning disc startup screen.

For example... on ps1 when you go to load a game it will spin up the disc for like 4-6 seconds then you can hear the iconic ps1 startup sound in the background and only then will the big box spinning disc disappear and you only catch the last bit of the ps1 startup screen/bios. 

Before it obviously span up the disc and after the 4-5 seconds it would disappear THEN load up the ps1 startup screen, it is sometimes dependant on the loading as it will occasionaly load some games ok without a quick startup but then do the same for another platform, we have used it a lot so know this is not normal and something has become broken somewhere, so annoying as I love the startup/bios screens, thanks.

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3 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

You can probably turn down the startup screen delay and see if that helps, though I'm fairly certain they are setup to close once the start process is up and running. Been a minute since I've been in that part of the code base to say with 100% accuracy

Thanks again but as I said in my initial post I did actually try enabling and disabling the startup screen delay option in BB just to make sure that was not effecting it but that did not work, so frustrating especially when you know you did not change anything nor update it recently.

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