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What file contains the path info for game files?


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Hey, I'm trying to manage my game files using a combination of Launchbox and SyncThing to manage games between my phone and tablet, I'd like the tablet to mirror the phone however I run into file path errors. My tablet uses an SD card.


Here's the process:

Use Launchbox desktop to create an game export pack > place the export package in a folder that syncs between my phone and desktop (This is necessary due to syncthings bidirectional syncing -I rather avoid the whole ignore delete stuff since the devs are not a fan of it) > After package syncs to phone I move the package out of the synced folder to the proper place on my phone  > Have the Launchbox folder on my phone sync to my tablet's Launchbox folder that is located on an SD card. I can launch games perfectly fine on my phone, however when attempting to launch a game on the tablet it throws an error about the game's file path not matching what it has indexed (which make sense).


With that said, what file is this game path info stored? With that info I can tell SyncThing to ignore that file. Thanks

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