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Need help with managing/editing rom collections in LB 13


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I just installed LB 13 on my new pc, and I'm beginning the arduous process of importing all my roms in.  Unfortunately, I have several complete collections which include foreign language and children's titles. I don't want them cluttering up my lists, and I would prefer not having all the artwork taking up space on my drive.

I know how to delete individual games, but I'm hoping there's a much quicker way to do this. I've already imported several systems, so I'm guessing my best bet is to just delete those entirely and start over (at least that way I can get rid of the artwork too...I hope), so basically I'm wondering if there's a faster way to delete what I don't want? Thanks.

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17 hours ago, C-Beats said:

While importing there is an option that says "Combine games with the same title". Leave that checked and all versions of a ROM will be collapsed into a single game entry. Then you have access to them all but only require media for the parent game.

Thank you, but I have another question now. For the various computers (Atari 800, C64, etc.) is there a way to filter out the games that were only released in non-english versions?

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We don't have a Language field so no built in method will be perfect. You could probably create an auto-populated playlist to find them by using the following criteria though, it won't be exact because a lot of country specific versions were still multilingual, but will get you closer.

Region - Has None of the Values - United States; North America; Europe

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