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Playstation 1 Retroachievements Playlist - xml - clear logo - video

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Playstation 1 Retroachievements Playlist - xml - clear logo - video

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Hi guys,

this playlist has 506 titles for Playstation 1

They should be 507 but I am going mad if I find what I miss!


This playlist has been done by @TrailerVert, we teemed up. I have only rechecked all. I had some problem importing. You can read here:



if you have got same error report please.

You can find xml, clear logo (the same type that I have already used) and video (Used video from someone here to keep an Unified style)

I see that @moudrost is compiling other playlists. I am very happy with that. More people work on these lists and more we complete the actual database. And we'll make happy @Azgorath I suppose ^_^ (you asked me for other playlists, right?)

I think that could be usefull not compiling the same playlist, so, Moudrost if you want to team up, we can save some time. And I can keep on going making logo and video if you need, Moudrost.

That's all for now

P.S. oh, I am just debating a little on the DB entry on Launchbox. I'd like having separated entry for the subset Roms. If you want to join up conversation...there are interesting things:



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