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  1. Thank you. I will take a look at the Lichtnarre program. Finally got a couple working.
  2. Did you ever get touchmote to work with your setup or say screw it go buy a Sinden or Ultimarc? Getting close to just buying a gun........... lol
  3. Just tried it with sync on, still uploads high scores. Does not seem to matter if its on or off. The high score in the theme is still strange, Showed Mr. Flea but not any of the 1941,42,43,45 games. They all upload fine.
  4. Update: Tried Mr. Flea (a non NVRAM game) and it did upload to online high scores but did not update theme.
  5. I just tested dig-dug with mame 0.261, LB version 13.1 with Neptune version 1.71 theme. I also had cloud sync turned off or unchecked. It did work both updating the theme in "custom line" as well as uploaded to high scores database. I have been having trouble with the theme showing high scores since updating tp 0.261 but the online updater has worked on all games that I've tried. I started with a clean nvram folder and hiscore foilder. and it worked also moved some high files and nvram files and those seemed to work. Just make sure you are using "hiscore" folder in the new mame version, does not seem to work with the old "hi" folder. Also using the nonag exe found in the downloads. Hope that helps.
    Thank you for the 0.261 version. Now Road Riot 4WD starts up fast! We play that game a lot. lol
    Hell yea! These are sweet!
  6. Not sure what the issue is, but I have the same thing happen in LB, tried both VLC and Media Player as default. It does seem to happen less with VLC selected.
    We have been using this for a year or so with no issues. Just did a update to MAME 0.162 with LB version 13.10. Everything worked great. Moved my old nvram and Hiscore folder over to the new build. You have to launch a game and then the high score will show up. Thanks for the work on this plugin.
  7. Hold up wait a min! Did I see some Windows 3.1 in it? Going through this list like a fat kid at a buffet, and I see old Windows versions, Does that mean that you are launching virtual machines with the OS on them?
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