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Is it possible to make a playlist that defaults to another version of a game?


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Hi, I'm trying to make an SNES MSU-1 playlist. Let's take Donkey Kong Country as an example: all my versions of the game, including the MSU-1 version, are merged into one entry in my regular SNES platform, which by defaults launches the US Rev.2 version of the game (not the MSU-1 one).


I then created an MSU-1 playlist and I added DKC in it, but I would like to launch the MSU-1 version of the game in this playlist by default. Is there any way to do it? If I change the default version in the playlist, it also changes in the regular SNES platform.

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Thanks. But if I create manually an MSU-1 platform, it does not appear in my platforms because it is empty, and I don't know how to fill it with games that way.


Edit : it seems to work that way. Thanks!

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