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  1. Also I can't wait for your Colourful Pause and Startup themes !
  2. Hey Viking, I'm having a small problem with the recent version of your theme : I get a micro freeze when selecting a game, the transition between the list of games and the game menu freezes for like 500 milliseconds. It only happens with Wheelgameview 1 and 2, not with Textgamesview. I don't think I had this issue before. Anyway, your theme is the best ! Edit : oh wait, that's because I use a sliding transition effect ! Not sure it can be fixed, then. Except by not using a sliding transition effect... I also tried to disable the transition only for game list / game view but it has
  3. I really like this ! Can't wait to test it.
  4. I personally prefer the old version (again !), so maybe you should release it as a variant ?
  5. Nice work ! Are you planning to make a dark version to match the dark variant of the Colourful theme ?
  6. Nice work @Crylen ! I can't wait for your versions of Nec TurboGrafX-CD, SuperGrafX and NeoGeo AES, because those are the 3 ones I'm missing.
  7. I tested the latest version and it's AWESOME. Thank you so much for your work !
  8. Thank you very much for taking time to make changes. It looks much better already I think. But actually, what I really liked in your first version was the transparency and blur effect we can see in the first post in the 2 Alisia Dragoon pictures. That is what got me hooked by your theme !
  9. I must say, I'm not a fan of the blue background, I liked your old version better. But hey, that's just my opinion, and you still made an amazing work !
  10. Yes I use retroarch as my main emulator, and I've asked for that feature some time ago on their forum, but I did not get any positive answer : https://forums.libretro.com/t/idea-suggestion-apply-a-blur-shader-on-the-menu/25102
  11. Yes, for example when pausing the game, Launchbox would take a screenshot of the current game, save it as the pause menu background image, and blur it...
  12. Thank you for your answer. But if I understand what you say, that line of code would only blur the default theme background image, right ? What I meant was, to blur the game itself.
  13. Hi, I don't know if this is technically possible, but I have an idea for the Pause Menu feature : display the current game screen but with a nice blur effect (like the blur background in the new Launchbox theme). Do you think this would be doable ?
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