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  1. Viking, j'ai vu qu'en fait tu étais français, donc je pose ma question en français : comment as-tu fait pour avoir les descriptions des plateformes en français, justement ? Merci ! English : how did you make the platform descriptions show in french ?
  2. I found the problem and solved it !! For some reason, my platform view was set to "Platform Wheel2" instead of 1. Setting it to 1 makes the button appear ! Thank you for trying to help !
  3. I tried redownloading the theme (not from Big Box, from here) and still the same...
  4. Yes the bug still occurs after rebooting and clearing image cache...
  5. Hi, thanks for this awesome theme ! I have one bug though : the "A" button of the "Press A" platform view does not show ; I have it in LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful\Colorful_img\Colorful_PlatformWheel1_ButtonStart_XBox.png though. Any idea ?
  6. I downloaded the theme exclusively from the forum archive and the TurboGrafx-16 theme worked ! The Sega Dreamcast theme did not work, but I just had to rename the xml files from "Sega Dreamcast" to just "Dreamcast" and it worked again ! Thanks for your help !
  7. I did and it still does not work...
  8. And the TurboGrafx files provided in the archive don't work.
  9. In Launchbox the system is named "NEC TurboGrafx-16".
  10. Thanks for your answer ! It turns out there is no xml file for Turbografx in the folders, where can I get it ? Edit : I found the xml files in the archive you provide in the 1st post. You should be informed that the Turbografx files are not there when you install the theme via the built-in Big Box theme manager !
  11. Hi, and congratulations for this great theme ! For some reason, my NEC TurboGrafx-16 platform uses the generic layout instead of the specific one, what should I do to get the specific theme ? Thanks !
  12. Well it worked yesterday and the days before and I did not change anything... I'll try to change the settings.
  13. I still get this bug where my mouse pointer gets pushed to the right sometimes when a controller is plugged in with latest beta ; plus, if I try to launch a Dreamcast rom (Reicast OIT core with Retroarch), Retroarch does not launch.
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