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Using Custom Made Clear Logos On Playlists Platforms


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I created a custom clear logo for a Street Fighter Collection. I intend to make it a playlist logo. I have also, within Launchbox, when editing the playlist, checked the box that says "Show this playlist in platform View" 

Im using the default (new theme) as my platform theme, and also have selected "Remember theme specific settings (as Im using different themes for different views).

I placed the custom created clear logo in images/ playlists/street fighter collection / clear logos/ street fighter collection.png

In launchbox I selected edit under playlists for street fighter collection and added the clear logo image

I started up Big Box and when viewing the platforms I only get the text on the platform Street Fighter Collection platform

I also have a playlist called favorites, and that platform shows up in  platforms with the correct favorites graphic

When launching Big Box and going into Street Fighter Collection under platforms, the custom made clear logo I made DOES show up under the games list view

Does the clear logo need to be under a certain file size? A certain demension (although I did use the same exact graphic size as the Favorites clear logo)

Im a little stumped as to why my custom clear logo isnt showing up but the favorites clear logo is when viewing platforms, and my custom made clear logo shows up in game list view inside platforms

I also place my custom made clear logo in the clear logos directory for the default theme

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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