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"Scan for Removed Roms" Isn't working


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I'm not sure why this isn't working, so here's what I've done.

My "Microsoft DOS" games are all .zip files associated with the emulator RetroArch.
They are located in "X:\Games\Microsoft DOS" which is the same drive as LaunchBox.
In the Platform Details window, under the folders tab, the path is "..\Games\Microsoft DOS"
I have deleted over 400 games.
I have gone to Tools > Scan > Scan for Removed Microsoft DOS Roms
It flashes the progress bar at the bottom for about .0001 seconds and then returns "No missing ROMS were found."
I've checked the path in the games details, and they point to a .zip file that no longer exists.

Am I doing something wrong here?
As far as I can tell, and from looking around the forums and searching online, this is exactly what I should do to make it work.


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Same thing happening here. I deleted the folders which the files were in and their entries are not getting removed. EDIT: I just tried removing everything in my platform and making sure I re-added everything as a ROM file and not as "None of the Above" or "MS-DOS", nothing was removed again. The only thing that should matter is the "Application Path", I would think, as it should be easy enough to check for the existence of a file or folder if given the full path of that file or folder.

Possible Related tickets:

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Additional testing results & ticket refs
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