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  1. Currently, all 923 of my PS2 games are in .cso format. I'm going through the process of converting them CSO-to-ISO-to-CHD, since .chd is now supported in emulation. The problem I'm running into with launchbox, is that I don't want to re-add all the games and have to re-configure the art and things like that. I just wanna somehow tell launchbox, all .cso is now .chd. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Sometimes this black screen shows up instead of the game details page. I can't figure out why or how to fix it. It happens seemingly at random. I can't back out of the game, the program freezes. Have to close it from task manager. I tried defragging my cache folder, rebuilding my cache. I'm at a loss, but it's super annoying. Please help me.
  3. I'm noticing that when I imported my games, a number of titles mistakenly got added as additional apps/versions. For example NightCaster II had NightCaster listed as an additional app... as I've gone through my system, I've noticed this has occurred (particularly with sequels) a number of times. Is there any method to audit or list all games that have additional apps/versions attached to them? Not sure how else to go about finding all the ones I "haven't" come across yet
  4. I had never seen this prompt before in all my time with LaunchBox. I just went toying around to see if I could find it. Apparently, this doesn't come up at all if you drag and drop your folder into LaunchBox to start the import process. You have to actually go to Tools>Import and point it at your folder for this to come up. Very strange, but either way I'm just glad I can disable that now. Thanks for your help!
  5. Everytime I import arcade games, these 'playlists' show up. I don't want them, and I keep deleting them, but then I just imported my CPS3 games, for example, and they popped up again. How do I make them go away permanently?
  6. I've searched the forums, and google, but I can't find the answer to this one. I'm trying to remap controls in BigBox, and I can't seem to unassigned inputs. Backspace, Esc, Del, both while selected and while active - do nothing. This is specifically for Controller mapping though, not keyboard mapping. That one will just unassign after a few moments with no input.
  7. Ok, so I think I figured it out, but I don't understand the 'why'. Like, half my Sega CD games are pulling in PAL art, and not giving me USA art. I seem to have to select the North American Alternate name, change the region to North America, then save the edits - and THEN it will pull in the correct art. Is there no way to just make it pull in everything? I'd honestly rather have everything than have to 1-by-1 grab the correct thing.
  8. Thank you, I can't believe I hadn't tried that. Was driving me insane.
  9. It's the US version, but in either case it's the same name, so I'm not sure how it would differentiate. I can only seem to "Save as" the small thumbnail, not the full resolution image. I can't get it to even show me the full res image in the browser.
  10. Example Scenario: I'm importing Sega CD games. One of these games is Blackhole Assault. This attaches LB ID #19298, which in turn leads to this entry in the Games DB - https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/18698 As you can see in the DB entry, there are box-front entries for North America, Europe, and Japan. However, it only pulled in the Japanese box-art. Ok, easy enough to fix. I opened Edit>Images>Download Media. Except now it shows "Box - Front (1)" and not "3". I thought, something must be miscategorized, so I downloaded everything available... but it still didn't give me the PAL or USA boxes... This has happened with several games over the last few days. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Is there a way to just manually retrieve images from the Games DB site? I can't believe I can't just right-click and save image as.
  11. The Neon one is along the right lines, but a bit over-done for my personal tastes. The CRTFlux seems like it's trying to mimic a CRT rather than run on one. I appreciate you sharing them. I flipped through the downloads page on the site, but I didn't see much. I'm honestly surprised more people aren't using this kind of setup. Is there a way I can edit the default theme? Maybe that would be more appropriate. I'm not sure how I'd go about making one. I used to use HyperTheme several years ago, or would manually edit the files for HyperSpin to re-arrange things on-screen.
  12. I've got LaunchBox (BigBox) setup on my CRT TV running at 640x480. The default resizing works ok, but it's painfully clear that it's expecting a wider aspect ratio. Are there any themes made with this low, 4:3, resolution in mind?
  13. Scratch that, it's on my parents in Platforms, but on my notes in Platform Categories. It also seems like it changes. I've been rebooting a few times and sometimes things are there, sometimes not. Is there an xml file I can edit to change parent values for this or anything?
  14. Now I'm not getting it on my parents, but I'm getting it on the 'notes' tab for editing categories now...
  15. Screenshot shows what I mean. This has been happening for a couple days, and It's asked me to update a number of times so I don't know when it started. No idea how to fix it. Also not sure how to manually edit the parent of a platform. Wanted to put it in handhelds, instead of consoles.
  16. Is there an easy way to submit updates to the Games DB from within launchbox? I've been manually inputting requests via the Games DB section of the site here, and that works beautifully. I'd love to contribute even more, but I think it'd be great to be able to fill out a sheet in LaunchBox and then hit "submit changes to DB" or something along those lines. Is there anything like that, or an easier way to contribute outside of manually going to the website to submit updates?
  17. As much as I hate resurrecting threads... I'm having this EXACT problem (Indiana Jones 3, Taito vs. Ubisoft)... How do you 'manually' edit these entries? I edit the Ubisoft entry, and change it to Ubisoft... and it changes the Taito entry as well. As mentioned, I can't uncheck the duplicates box for some reason. Changing one seems to change the other. I will happily fill in the information for them manually but... how? It seems like I am going in circles because I can't uncheck a box.
  18. I've been loving the feature where Launchbox syncs up with the online database. Providing proper info for a number of fields. I've noticed Launchbox renames media files based on what you enter into the 'edit' tool. What I'm wondering though is if there is a way to allow LaunchBox to rename the actual romfiles to match the database. I have a very large number of files that are incorrect enough I have to manually match them with the database, and I'd love to be able to let the tool rename the actual roms when I edit all the metadata. Alternatively, If this isn't possible, does anyone know a good way to do this? I'm a bit bothered by the idea that, should I lose the metadata for some reason or another, my roms will still be named incorrectly.
  19. Before you quickly hit the back button, let me explain a bit. Yes, I'm wanting to convert my HyperSpin themes - BUT - butbutbutbutbut... I'm not talking about the HyperSpin themes you see all over the internet with a thousand animations and noises and etc etc etc. This is what my theme set looks like - but there are NO ANIMATIONS, or at least I stripped out as many as I could in HyperSpin. I was very pleased to find that BigBox default theme isn't too dissimilar in style to what I've done with HS. There are some things I need help with though. 1.) Main Menu Vertical Wheel. The "Platform Wheel 2" option is lovely as it looks very similar to my main menu. However, the wheel is curved instead of vertical, and the spacing is massive by comparison. 2.) Main Menu Layout I absolutely love the layout with "Platform Wheel 2" with the singular exception being that the video is underneath the banner and details. I would like to flip them to be the other way around. 3.) Main Menu Background. I thought this one would be easy but I'm at a loss. I want the use the same image seen in my preview here, behind every platform on the main menu. I don't want it animating at all, just that static image while everything in front moves. 4.) Platform Layout Inside each platform is nigh perfection. However, like the main menu I really really want to flip it so the video and details are on top, and the wheel on the bottom. Would love the swap left-right with the video and details too. Are these kind of alterations possible? I don't mind learning some things to get it done, but I don't know what I'm doing at the moment. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  20. Your entire response was extremely helpful, thank you. This, more than anything though, saved me so much time and work. The fact I can, quite literally, have it both ways was enough to make me buy premium. That's just amazing. Thank you!
  21. I'm trying to wrap my head around the file/folder structure here. Let me give you an example. In my PlayStation list I have a game titled "1Xtreme". media download during import found everything without issue and downloaded what I needed. Now, in the display list it is showing the Boxart with it's original release art - that is to say, the tall box with the title "ESPN Xtreme Games". I would like it to display the revised art, a CD box with the title "1Xtreme" instead. I right-clicked on the game and went to "view images" which took me to the LaunchBox media folders, and immediately I see "1Xtreme-01.png". This is the exact file I want to show over the game. In a folder titled "North America" is "1Xtreme-01.jpg" which is the box-art being used that I don't want. Now, I'm confused on a couple things here, as looking through the folders there are numerous games with several flat 2D Boxart images. Many .jpg, many .png. Many of them showup in that base media "Box - Front" folder, as well as again in region based folders. I'm very much used to HyperSpin, where my setup was 1 boxart with a matching name - and nothing else. Maybe I'm using the downloader incorrectly, but is there a way to consolidate this media so I only have 1 version of each box-front image? How do I tell LaunchBox, for each individual game, which box-front image I want it to use? There are tons of games using that god awful "greatest hits" label stuff, even though the regular art is available instead. I'm playing around in the software, but I'm not seeing a place where I can use "Use this as default" or anything along those lines. I appreciate any information you guys can give me, as I'm scratching my head while poking around.
  22. Thank you! I had to play with it to see what you mean. It's not super intuitive haha - but that totally does the trick and I can use that as I go through my library. I appreciate your help!
  23. I'm used to doing everything manually in HyperSpin, so LaunchBox is like visiting an alien planet... For example... I have a game - you know it as "Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw (USA)". "I" know it as "Brutal 2 - Unleashed - Above the Claw" Yes, I know, that's not the proper name. I also realize this gets in the way of LaunchBox automatically retrieving art assets. I'm fine with all of that, and the amount of work it will take to fix it. What I'm trying to figure out though, is how do I tell LaunchBox that I want this game to search for assets for "Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw (USA)"? I can't imagine I absolutely HAVE to have things named down to perfection do I? That will mess up my library something fierce. Really appreciate any help you guys can give me.
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