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How can I launch N64DD games from launchbox/bigbox? Or is it at all possible?
I've tried googling it and searched all over for the past few hours and I havent found anything.

I can get the games to launch in retroarch using the mupen64 core, but when I select them on launchbox nothing happens. Is there a command I'm missing or something?

Thanks in advance!!!

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4 hours ago, Toxic said:

How can I launch N64DD games from launchbox/bigbox? Or is it at all possible?

Yes, it is possible and has been discussed on the forum before. But I'll give you a quick rundown of what to do here.

These are the only ROMs I'm using, but I imagine it would work with the rest as well.


The ROMs in BLUE are the original N64 games Dezaemon 3D (Japan), F-Zero X (Japan) and Super Mario 64 (Japan) renamed to match the 64DD ROMs as the 64DD requires these.

I think these are the only official 64DD disks that require a specific game, but there is a ROM Hack Zelda 64: Dawn & Dusk that requires the original OoT N64 ROM as well.

The ROMs in RED can be any N64 ROM, just rename it to match the 64DD ROMs (I duplicated Xingji Huohu (China) (v4) (iQue) (Manual).z64 a couple times as it was only 224KB)

Make sure the 64DD games end in .z64.ndd and have them all in the same folder.

Now import just the .z64 ROMs and not the .ndd ROMs into Launchbox, setting the platform to 64DD  (Obviously lol) and when you start the game, Retroarch will load the 64DD disk automatically.

I'm not sure if there is another (proper?) way to do this. But it works for me.

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The method I chose was to use RetroArch's CLI as follows:

-f -L ".\cores\mupen64plus_next_libretro.dll" --subsystem ndd %romfile% "R:\Console ROMs\Nintendo - Nintendo 64\007 - The World Is Not Enough (USA).z64"

Just put this text in the "Extra Command-Line Parameters" textbox for N64DD (mugen64plus-next libretro core, specificially) under "Associated Platforms".

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