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I just got a request for a game that currently has the title changed from not being a game to being a video to be deleted. The request is to put back its original title claiming that it is an "interactive video".

The title is called "Sweet Paradise" for PSP, it's released as a UMD Video (as if it were a movie), but it's also true that it says "GAME" on the bottom right. I have also looked for a link on YouTube where it is also true that the history of the video changes according to the decisions that the viewer makes, so it is true that it has interactivity. There are movie games that are sold as video games. An example would be the title "Erica" for Windows and PS4, it is all in real image and the operation is the same.

I am blocked. Any suggestions?: Sweet Paradise on PSP Game or video?


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2 hours ago, Freestate said:

if there's interactivity and was released as game, it's valid for me. The gameplay of some FMV games of the 90's it's not much more complex than just choose a path.

Yeah, basically exactly that.


What it's labeled as becomes somewhat inconsequential, especially when the format is only playable on a PSP anyway.. Put it this way - if it was marked neither as game nor video, what would you consider it to be?

I'm sure there are some tricky examples of interactive video out there, but this one seems pretty clear cut.

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