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Thank you for the reply. Admittedly I’m pretty much a noob at this.. so that being said, it’s not working. I’m trying to use the section of code that was originally set for clear logo. I tried inserting the code provided and no result. I’m not getting any errors so makes me think I am messing up the path to the art work. Thanks for any help


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Okay, so I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do. Based on the code, it looks like you are trying to post a static image and not really what you originally said you wanted to.

If this is the case, then you would just use this code:

<Image Source="LAUNCHBOX_THEME_FOLDER/Images/Arcade.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />

That will display Arcade.jpg which should be located within your theme's Images folder. Stretch Uniform means the image will keep its original aspect ratio and deform.

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7 hours ago, Rocco42 said:

My goal is that in my favorites and collections playlists that the platform art would appear for respective game currently selected. So any Arcade game shows the same arcade.jpg. Hope that’s a little clearer. Thanks again 

Then just copy and paste this code, don't alter it:

<Image Source="{Binding ActiveGame.Platform, StringFormat='{}LAUNCHBOX_THEME_FOLDER/Images/{0}.jpg'}" />

The code will look inside of your theme's Images folder for a file name based off of the active game's platform.

So if the game's platform is Nintendo Entertainment System, then it will be looking inside the Images folder for a file called Nintendo Entertainment System.jpg

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