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Updating Retroarch via Launchbox


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Hi guys,

I have a few installs of Retroarch, a few with unique configs and one that I consider my default install that I use for the majority of platforms.  I would like to use the Retroarch update feature that's integrated but I'm not sure how I can 'assign' which one I want to update and leave the others.

I hope that question makes sense


Cheers, Steven

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I think the short answer is you can't control it. At least there is no way I know of or have seen a solution. I believe it updates the first one it finds. I have 5 installs for the exact same reason. When I tried running it, my generic one was updated but all the others I have that have custom configurations for different controllers and hotkeys were untouched. It also added every core including ones I don't use which was a bit annoying so I haven't touched it since. I have seen this questions asked a few times since this was introduced and haven't seen a solution. I think this use case is probably not common, but maybe a 3rd party plugin will be made at some point.

As far as solutions go, I have used this video as a guide to safely upgrade Retroarch without losing any of your custom configurations.


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