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New 3D Boxes: full image vs front/back/spine priority


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I'm loving the new 3D Boxes, but have one problem.

I prefer the look of the new image type 'Box image full' for them, however as soon as I ad a spine image it seems to always use the front/back/spine images for the box.

Is there a way to prioritize the full box image, for the new 3D boxes, over the others if there is one and only use front/back/spine when there isn't a full box image?


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Thank you!

I See.
Unfortunately for some reason when I ad spine images for Genesis/Mega Drive they always look blurry in the preview and also fullscreen no matter how I splice and safe it from the original full box image.
It's fine with switch though for example so I don't know why that's happening.

It's probably just the way it scales.
With the full-box image some parts of the spine are visible on the front and back.
With the spine alone it seems to scale it to fit exactly. That seems to make it blurry though.

Left is the spine image right the full-box.
The spine image is just cut from the full-box, so it has the same image quality when I look at them outside of the 3D view.


Maybe the spine has to be a specific aspect ratio?

I'l see what i can figure out :-)

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I'd check your coverflow quality setting inside of Big Box. We use an image caching system and your settings may be causing that image to be saved too small for your use case. Increasing the quality increases the size of the cached image so it looks better, but there will be a performance hit since you're reading a bigger file.

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