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Hi all first time here im new to launchbox. Wondering if someone here can help me out. Whenever i set up an overlay no matter what i try i cant seem to save it. Once i quit a game and go back to a game the overylay is gone. Is there a way to save that overlay for all games on that core? Appreciate any and all help.

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Are you using these overlays with Retroarch or Mame? If you're using them with Retroarch, then you need to save the configuration for each game or system within the Retroarch program itself. It's a bit complicated at first, but becomes easy once you've set up a few overlays. As for Mame, the overlays usually save themselves automatically

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There are probably better tutorials out there (youtube), but here's a quick step by step on how you should save your retroarch overlays.

Load up a game in retroarch, and choose your overlay (F1, Quick Menu, On Screen Overlays)

Go back into the game, and press F1 once more

Choose "Quick Menu", Scroll all the way down to "Overrides" and then choose either "Save Game Overrides" (only for individual games) or "Save Core Overrides" (for all games in that system/platform). And that should save the layout you want for that particular game or system



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1 hour ago, lowie81 said:

yeah i did that didnt save :( I think i might have an overide or something. Would you happen to know what file i need to edit or even delete to remove an override? Thanks.

Check your "config" folder. For example, for the nestopia core (NES), it would be located here:

And if you want to start all over with that core, delete the Nestopia.cfg file

However, you should be able to keep that file and when you save an override, it automatically over-writes that same file. If you're still running into problems, here's a pretty decent youtube tutorial on how to set up bezels/overlays within Retroarch


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