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  1. Thanks a lot! That worked!
  2. Just wondering, can the same process be applied to mame high scores? With the custom themes, they can't be seen on the sidebar except with the default theme. I looked in the code for the theme I'm using, but I had no idea how to add that in there
  3. There's a lot of decent tutorials out there, and it's not too difficult to set up, besides the fact that games are usually in folders (after being installed from .pkg files). I had to remove my original youtube link after I watched it, as it wasn't all that informative. But there are certainly more to find on youtube. Also, rpcs3 doesn't require any special commands in the emulator options, but I do recommend using this plugin/tool to import games properly into Launchbox/BigBox
  4. @Orionsangel great work once again! Would be nice to see that one modified with a Sega Genesis logo (replaced) in the future
  5. Awesome work! Can't wait to try this, which will happen later today when I get home
  6. Wow! These are extremely well made! Would love to see something made for the Playstation models as well
  7. Okay, thanks a lot for the response. I know that youtube-style tutorials aren't for everyone, so that was certainly just a suggestion. In my opinion, this plugin could be a real game-changer and could even become a standard feature, as so many people (including myself) look for a way to completely remove rocketlauncher once and for all and provide a way to use bezels for emulators that don't have that feature already built in. Therefore, a step by step tutorial, even in writing, would be extremely useful. Thanks again!
  8. The whole process is a bit overwhelming and the instructions are kind of scattered throughout this post. And like I said, I'm a tad on the dumb side when it comes to following directions Although I did try setting this up a few times without any luck. So, it would be nice to see a (complete) step-by-step guide, and that would likely help. Just a suggestion or something to consider if you ever have the time and keep up the good work!
  9. @Krakerman from what I've seen, you've done some really amazing work. I think you could get a lot more appreciation for your effort if you were able to make a (youtube) tutorial? The directions for this are quite complex and I've had little luck getting it to work on my end, although I'm not the brightest person when it comes to following directions of course Anyways, just food for thought
  10. @exodus_cl this is an incredibly nice looking theme! I was just wondering if you'd be willing to share the Community theme files you used? My only gripe/complaint is with the gameslist view. I'd like to replace the screenshot with a game video (or screenshot when the video isn't available), in addition to removing that black box behind it.
  11. Great updates! Any ETA on when we can try this?
  12. Thanks a lot for that info! I was having the same issue, and the loading screens now work when I reduced it to less than 5 seconds.
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