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  1. By any chance, have you tried using this utility? It's a plugin for Wii U games and I've had successful results importing games with it, although I haven't tried it in a while.
  2. Okay, no problem at all. Thanks a lot for the reply and adding some stuff in the theme based on a few suggestions. Keep up the good work!
  3. Looks great! By any chance did you use Community Theme Creator to make this? I'm really liking the text view, but it would be nice to add the box artwork and possibly the screenshot/video for each game, as shown in the very rough renders I threw together (before and after).
  4. Wow! This is an incredibly detailed and nicely made theme! However, I think I have the same issues as the other members reported above. For some reason, BigBox completely crashes when I select some systems like PS2, FM Towns, etc. and I get an error message when I select MSX, but switch to Windows Media Player (instead of VLC) fixes that. Also, during the platforms selection screen, I can hear the platform videos playing (audio) in the background, with no video. Using the latest version of BigBox (12.4 beta) in case you're wondering.
  5. @circo You guys are awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing this, as always
  6. Wow! @nohero thanks so much for sharing this! It was really easy to set up and looks great (so far anyways) with xemu. This is incredibly useful for emulators that don't have a built-in bezel feature and makes the emulation-visual experience much more complete. Update: I was also able to get this working nicely with citra, pcsx2 and dolphin. Thanks again!
  7. I'm not sure, but when I renamed it to "mame" the leaderboards also worked. Previously, I was using an entirely different name, like "mame0.135". So, I'm guessing it has to be named either "mame" or "mame64" to function properly
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned but I've noticed that lately the mame-arcade leaderboards aren't showing up anywhere in LaunchBox. Previously, I could see them in the details (right side) bar and also when right-clicking on a particular Mame game. But I've tried the default theme (and a few others) and they're nowhere to be found. Update: Oops! I found the problem. When I renamed the "mame.exe" to "mame64.exe" the problem was solved
  9. Wow, the tools menu looks much better! It was pretty cluttered before and now it's much more streamlined and well organized. Probably will take me a while to get used to but definitely worth it.
  10. Yep, I'd go with Redream or Flycast (Retroarch) and only use Demul for the arcade stuff (Naomi 2, I think is the only one it runs the best)
  11. No problem! I was able to get that one to work with COMMUNITY Theme Creator, which I think was the last version released before the latest update
  12. Very nice! You adapted the (originally) emulationstation theme over to LaunchBox's format and brought it to a whole new level!
  13. Generally, I stick with the Mednafen core in Retroarch too, but I'll try SSF every now and then since I've been watching their progress over the past 10-15 years. SSF does have a more 'pure' feel while playing Saturn games with it, although it's also full of random but mostly minor issues
  14. Thank you so much for adding this! I've been waiting for this feature to be implemented for a really really long time. Better late than never😁
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