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  1. Thanks a lot for re-posting this! I held on to your original theme files from a while back, but it's definitely nice to have these available for everyone and look forward to any updates too!
  2. Having this same issue. Every time I start up Launchbox, it keeps telling me there's an "Update for one of your plugins" and then shows nothing in the plugin manager
  3. Not using RL anymore, but there's a pretty decent tutorial here. Although it's quite old, I followed it back then and it got me up and running with RocketLauncher and LaunchBox.
  4. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Unfortunately though, that method didn't work for me. Not sure why it's not working?
  5. Also having the same issue. Can't get it to work, after trying the latest version and an older version. It just sits there while scanning and not going any further.
  6. Yep, got it now and the problem seems to be solved with the latest beta. Thanks a lot for the quick response!
  7. @faeran Having this same issue with the recent (Android) version and I tried the solution mentioned above, but it still won't scroll for me in the games menu. Any other ideas or suggestions, or should we wait for the next beta?
  8. Try the Community Theme Creator. It's a Patreon, but you can join for free and download the program, which is quite useful and detailed yet not as complicated as typing out the actual code. Have fun COMMUNITY Theme Creator | creating software to realize your theming dreams | Patreon
  9. Just wanted to add my own personal experience and thoughts here, as I've always been fascinated with the Ti99 but have had some frustration with getting it emulated. Today, I was able to get it running with both the classic99 emulator and mame. For mame, I used the following default command line parameters (within the associated platforms menu) and the only games that worked were in "rpk" format. Also, be sure to have the appropriate bios files. ti99_4a -ioport peb -ioport:peb:slot3 speech -cart Classic99 seems to be a much more 'complete' emulator for the Ti99, as it played every file format I threw at it, including the ".c" and ".g" extensions Hope that helps out in some way
  10. Wow, didn't think this was real until I did a quick search. Here's a link to the article https://www.theverge.com/2024/2/27/24085075/nintendo-switch-emulator-yuzu-lawsuit
  11. Very nice and looking forward to trying this out! But just one question, why does the floor look like astro-turf? Maybe it's just me, but the carpet color may need to be changed.
  12. Based on my own personal experience, you'll have to adjust the video settings in Retroarch and save them (Core Override) for each platform-system. However, you'll have some issues with a few systems' bezels like the Atari 2600. Unfortunately, the games all have different resolutions based on each game's manufacturer. For example, the resolution on the Activision games like Pitfall and River Raid have slightly different resolutions than other games, which means your bezels will look slightly off unless you configure them by game. With that being said, you might want to try the bezel project which is built in with Launchbox or you can find it here GitHub - thebezelproject/BezelProject-Windows: Bezel Project installer for Windows
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