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  1. Sounds great and thanks a lot for the quick reply! Yep, the games text view looks incomplete, but I'm sure with a couple of extra things like the cover art, videos, etc. it will be perfect
  2. This theme is excellent! I especially like the categories/platforms view which helps make BigBox shine with a very professional and elegant touch. My only (2) gripes are related to the games text view and the games wheel view. The games text view really needs something else on the screen besides (only) text, possibly box artwork, gameplay video, or both on the right side? As for the games wheel view, it looks amazing with unique artwork for each platform, but the wheel artwork seems a little too small and sticks out in a not so good way. It would also be nice to have a vertical wheel, possibly as an option instead of the curved/circular wheel already there. But of course these are all very subjective gripes and with that being said, keep up the good work!
  3. Nicely done! I'm not sure how you accomplished this, but this LB theme speeds things up quite noticeably on my system. Thanks a lot for sharing this theme!
  4. I don't think these were ever released. I just checked the original youtube post and there's nothing there, not even in the comments section
    Wow, this is an extremely ambitious and very detailed theme. I like the cover-flow version most of all as it stands out the most among all of the immensely detailed views. Great work!
  5. Back on topic. Happy new year everyone!
  6. I've had the same issue before as well and this most often means you need the bios for the roms you want to play. for example, if you want to play street fighter alpha 2, you need the qsound.zip (bios) in retroarch's "system" sub-folder. Or, the mame rom you have isn't the correct set
  7. No worries. I can see that a few other folks have chimed in to help, and getting back to my previous comment, I wouldn't really recommend a NUC system unless you absolutely need the small form-factor or space is a serious issue. You can get a whole lot better for a few dollars more I think the first choice (HP Envy) would be more than sufficient for what you need at a reasonable price
  8. With or without BigBox you can get by with the NUC, and there are some BigBox themes which work just fine. Although you'd obviously get faster and smoother performance with something like an i5 and a budget priced Nvidia.
  9. Coming from someone who owns a very similar NUC model to the one you mentioned, you'll have no problems running PS1 and N64 games along with Kodi and Launchbox. You'll also be able to run Dreamcast and Gamecube games fairly smooth as well, but not much beyond that. However, if you're using BigBox, some of the more detailed/complex themes do lag noticeably, so I'd recommend using the more simple themes with BigBox or spend a little extra money to get a faster CPU and dedicated video card
  10. Honestly, I really like the way this theme looks and wouldn't really change anything as i've been using it for the past few months. Though, it would be nice to have some different color schemes to choose from. But hey, that's probably just me
  11. bundangdon

    adding box art

    Okay, good to know. Was getting conflicting answers here, but it seems like a few users were just confused with the PC version while answering the original post
  12. bundangdon

    adding box art

    Thanks, I tried that but it still isn't working. @Jason Carr just wondering if this issue has come up before, or have you tried manually placing image files in with any success? I've made several attempts to add images which weren't provided during the importing process without any luck. Is it possible this is happening because the launchbox folder and the games folder are two separate drives? For instance, the launchbox folder is in the phone's root drive, while the games are in the phone's micro sd card
  13. bundangdon

    adding box art

    I've just recently tried this using a .jpg with the exact same name as the game without any luck so far. Any suggestions, or could this be a possible bug?
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