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  1. Yep, I guess you're right. It was just some weird name issue on my end, since my other launchbox install was in a different, yet similar named folder. Thanks again!
  2. No worries. What I meant is that the main folder for all of the contents, including the programs LaunchBox/BigBox must be named "C64 Dreams" or it won't work. I've tested this a few different ways last night. Certainly not a deal-breaker, but if anyone tries to change the name of the folder which contains all of the files, LaunchBox will not start up, so just a heads-up that and something you might want to include that in the readme/instructions. Also, I found a game listed in LaunchBox which loads up an incorrect title. The 1984 title "Summer Games" when selected, loads up the 1988 title "The Games". Is there any way I can manually fix this?
  3. I figured it out. I had not unzipped the contents with its original main folder "C64 Dreams" which caused the problem. Perhaps it won't work without that original folder. Anyways, problem solved!
  4. Actually, it's the latter. I'll try rebooting and see if that helps
  5. @Zombeaver not sure what i'm doing wrong, but I did a fresh install with this and I can't get past the launchbox "initializing" prompt. Did I miss a step somewhere?
  6. @Zombeaver fantastic work once again! thank you very much for the latest update!
  7. Unfortunately you won't get most of the modern (post 2000) systems' games to run with those PC specs. Based on my own personal experience, even with my i7, 16gb ram, Nvidia 750GTX, it's barely able to play PS3 games and I get mixed results with Wii U and 3DS. Granted, these emulators have come a very long way and are getting better very quickly, but they are meant to be played with a "gamer" PC more than anything else. Although there are a few emulators out there which are very well optimized for even the slower/older computers people may be using, including redream, ppsspp, and dolphin. If I were you, I'd wait another year or so to upgrade properly, until these emulators "mature" a bit and get the bugs worked out, especially the xbox and xbox 360 ones.
  8. @Robin55 This zip file may be damaged. I'm having some problems extracting it. It won't extract at all with WinRAR and with 7zip, about a third of the files won't extract
  9. Okay, that's what I thought. It's amazing what you can hear when you watch a youtube video with earphones on!
  10. Really like the updates and fixes. The "fake rom list" feature seems pretty interesting. It sounds like you have the washing machine running in the background in this video?😎
  11. Yep, this one is fairly clear and simple to follow. Here you go
  12. For the Windows version of Launchbox? Then the answer is yes. (not available with Android at the moment). Just put the images in their appropriate folders (jpg or png) with the exact same name as the game, For example: C : \launchbox\Images\Atari 2600\Box - Front game name: Asteroids (USA) box image name: Asteroids (USA).png
  13. It definitely depends on your hardware, but with the newer games (PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, 3DS), games will load up faster if the program files are stored on your "C" drive especially if it's a SSD. To do my own comparison tests, I've run some pre-made setups which included frontend, emulator, games, etc. and the load time was about 2-5 seconds longer per game when run from an external drive.
  14. "Seller disappeared" I think I've heard that a few times before?🤨 Launchbox can be made portable and run off an external drive. Just keep your roms on the drive and delete all of the hyperspin-related files. However, it would run noticeably faster and more efficiently if you kept the launchbox files on your main "C" drive and keep the roms on the external drive. That's your call though.
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