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  1. Just my 2 cents to add to this, for what it's worth, although 2 cents won't buy anything in today's economy With so many (millions) of Android phones and other devices out there, this is an extremely large and relatively (as of yet) untapped market for an emulators/games frontend like LaunchBox. And I think at this point, the pc version is more than mature enough to be put on the back-burner for a short while as the Android version becomes developed. Certainly there are already frontends out there for Android, but nothing which really captures the hearts and imaginations of most gamers and nothing that made me want to say, "wow, what a great app!" while trying it out. Anyways, keep up with the good work as always and looking forward to seeing what future developments arise in the near future
  2. To follow up with what Suhrvivor just mentioned, Redream is your best choice as it emulates about 85% of the Dreamcast library almost flawlessly even on older, slower pc systems. For the other 15% I use the reicast/flycast cores in Retroarch. Nulldc and Demul are good too although a bit more of a hassle to set up
  3. Bally Astrocade does have a handful of missing boxes, while the Fairchild Channel F has a fair share of missing ones as they're both slightly obscure systems. A few more that could use default boxart are the Emerson Arcadia, Magnavox Odyssey 2 and RCA Studio II. Once again, really appreciate the effort and thanks a lot for sharing these!
  4. Great to hear that. Keep up the good work!
  5. Was also wondering if you plan to make images for more systems? The ones for which artwork is rather hard to come by would be ideal, for example Fairchild Channel F, Bally Astrocade, Emerson Arcadia, Magnavox Odyssey 2, among others
  6. Very useful! And even more so, now that these images can be used as a 'default' box. Thank you very much
  7. Looking great! With a theme creator, I think a good majority of the HS users will switch over to BigBox, if they haven't already
  8. Try "cdimono1 -cdrm" in the default command-line parameters for mame. And I'd use the standalone version of mame, rather than the retroarch core of mame. It's a whole lot easier
  9. Same here. Among all of the controllers I've owned (and I've owned quite a few) the SF30 Pro is the best, and you can assign the Nintendo Switch buttons on it to things like "pause", "exit" and more
  10. What i've been hoping (and requesting) for a very long time 😁 @Jason Carrthank you very much for adding this much-requested feature! Really appreciate it
  11. No worries! Good luck and enjoy the new pause feature😁
  12. Not really sure, but programs like retroarch and mame use various keyboard shortcuts within their respective programs, so there could always be conflicts with those two. For example, by default "p" also is a pause feature within retroarch. That's why I use "insert" as a shortcut since it's never used by any emulators, except maybe the computer ones (Commodore 64, Amstrad, etc.).
  13. Also, check that your emulators (pcsx2 and dolphin) are set up to use the pause feature. In the emulator options screen, it looks like this
  14. Do you have any other controller-related programs running, like joy2key for example? Those programs can cause conflicts as I've learned. Also, when I set "insert" as my pause key, it looks like this in the options setting. See the image below for reference, and hopefully it helps😀
  15. Both, pcsx2 and dolphin, are working fine for me with the pause feature. My only guess is that you might have a conflict by assigning the letter "p" as it may be assigned within the emulator's program as well. I've assigned the "insert" key for my pause menu since I've never seen any other emulation-related programs use it for anything
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