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  1. Yep, the 4.2 version works for me It's a nice use of the given space, without going overboard either. And great work too with these latest updates by the way!
  2. Not sure, but this was a fork of the "Nostalgia" theme (by eatkinola), and I had the same crash-issue with that theme. I'll take a look at it once more tonight and check to see what happens with the latest official version of BigBox UPDATE: Just tried this theme now and I get hit with a barrage of errors, including this one: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Management, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'. The system cannot find the file specified. App: Big Box Version: 11.10 Type: System.IO.FileNotFoundException Site: Vo
  3. Yep, very sorry about that and I apologize for the very late response. Ever since Launchbox/BigBox changed the theme system with recent updates, this theme no longer works properly. I'm currently rebuilding this from the ground up and will upload a working version in the coming weeks.
  4. I'm not sure if there's a proper tutorial out there just yet, but the theme creator is relatively easy to figure out. There's a theme included with the program called "Plain n Simple Community". I played around with that for a while, before diving into my own theme a little later.
  5. If you look at an earlier post (scroll up), as I requested that same thing here, you can change that view to have fanart images or videos instead of the solid black background
  6. @faeran just a quick and (hopefully) simple request: Is it possible you could add the ability to add platform artwork or videos to the platform menus? For example, be able to change this to this: (based on the image in the platform-fanart folder) By the way, sorry for this horrible photoshop mock-up. I threw that together in about 1 minute
  7. What you should try doing is browse around the themes section in the downloads area here, take a look at the various themes available, and find one which includes platform artwork as a background. Coming from my own personal experience, I've discovered there are actually a lot that will allow you to do so, but you'll have to give each theme a try and see which one suits you best. Another one that comes to mind is the BigBox theme "Aeon MQ7" Update: Also, I just checked the "Default" theme which is included with BigBox and realized that it also allows you to use platform fanart in the
  8. It should look something like this, (in the appropriate folder for each system) as shown below. But you'll have to put your own image there, as I did with "nes.png" in this folder
  9. You shouldn't need to do a re-install, as I don't think that would solve the problem. I think there's a step missing somewhere. Also, I am pretty certain that with RetroFresh, it uses videos not images for that particular view (wheels). Although you should see images (platform artwork) with the text-list view. By any chance, did you set this in BigBox options? (see below) If that still doesn't work, let me know.
  10. You'll need to use a BigBox theme that allows you to use a platform image in the background. There are a lot out there to choose from, but I'd try using the "Retrofresh" theme and see how well that one suits you. Here you go RetroFresh - Big Box Custom Themes - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com)
  11. No problem! Here's a pretty nice looking set of platform images: Platform Box Art Collages/Contact Sheets - Platform Backgrounds - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com) But I just use google to find images, like this one for the Nintendo NES:
  12. Not completely sure what you're trying to do, but if you want a picture-background for each platform, you need to put the image (jpg or png) of your choice in the following folder (using the Nintendo NES as an example): C:\Launchbox\Images\Platforms\Nintendo Entertainment System\Fanart\nes.jpg Note: the image file name can be anything you want
  13. Another great one! Thanks a lot for sharing this Faeran!
  14. I was just trying to do the same thing now with Cemu and found the solution Type this in the "Running AutoHotkeyScript" options for Cemu: ESC:: { SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinWaitActive, Cemu Send !{f4} }
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