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  1. @eatkinola thanks a lot for the update! Just wondering, how can I change the fonts for some of the views? For example, I really like the font used with the thumbnails view
  2. Excellent! Thanks a bunch for the quick reply 😃 Edit: This is probably a much much bigger favor to ask, but is there a way to use stars instead of a number for the "Star Rating"? For example, my rating for a particular game is 3.5 stars but on the fade theme it reads "3". However, I know this is a bigger task involving graphics to indicate the number of stars, so hope that you'll consider the idea for future updates
  3. Great work once again! 😀 Just wondering, is there any way that we could replace the "Rating" with "Star Rating"?
  4. A wee bit too flashy for my taste😁 But I'm extremely impressed because this theme looks amazing! Great work once again!
  5. Great to hear that. Unfortunately I'll probably never have fanart-backgrounds for all those games and just one default image per platform would be a whole lot easier and convenient😁
  6. @Jason Carr great work once again! Just wondering if we'll be able to use "default" images for the backgrounds (like the windows app) as it's nice to have one image per platform, for example a wallpaper of the Nintendo NES
  7. Indeed. The cores you mentioned, especially MESS2015, are very tricky and sometimes very frustrating to get working within Retroarch. Also, for some cores like freeintv, you need to have the necessary bios files in the system folder in order for Retroarch to work properly
  8. Great work! Just wondering, all of those non-working retroarch cores, are they working at all without the use of LaunchBox?
  9. @Kmetz7547 I'm not an admin here or anything but to be more specific, could you provide the emulator names instead of system names? For example, Nintendo NES = nes.emu, retroarch, etc. Also, I'm wondering which android emulator plays Bally Astrocade games? I'm also doing some testing with this, so your list could be very helpful
  10. bundangdon

    Big Fade

    Wow, great work! This is the best pause theme I've yet to try! And something like this would be really nice as a fade (Game startup) theme too😁
  11. No problem! Glad to have helped and share the advice
  12. It would also be great to have platform categories if possible and change the background with custom images, colors, or designs
  13. Just a little advice because I had that same issue. With the latest version, you'll need to backup any important stuff within retroarch first (saves, custom borders, etc.) if you have them and then clear the data/cache for the retroarch app within Android's settings. It fixed the problem here
  14. Based on my experience, 1.78 seems to be about the same as before with no major changes performance-wise but I could easily be wrong about that, but it's running the same as usual without any bugs or errors. However, the Android version does have some quirks, and I needed to delete my previous data/cache in order for it to work properly
  15. No worries, I can live without the nightly versions for a while, but it would certainly be nice to use the 64 bit version, which can be downloaded on their website and on the Play Store
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