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  1. Good to know! Thanks a lot for the update
  2. @faeran Any ETA on when we can get the Community Theme Creator files for this? Looking forward to making some 'adjustments' especially since this is such a smooth running theme
  3. Sorry to revive an old post, but I had the same issue today (after a 'fresh' windows install) and this method completely solved it. Much appreciated!
  4. I made a similar view with Community Theme Creator, which looks like this: Feel free to download it here TextGamesView.xaml
  5. Great job once again @faeran! Hope to see the Community Theme Creator project files soon
  6. Yep! Just did a test with Sega Game Gear and it's working properly. I tested it both with Retroarch (on its own), and once again with the same emulation setup in LaunchBox and there were no problems. The bezels and the cfg files provided by the Bezel Project program were displayed there with the few games I tested. You may want to check your Retroarch configuration ("manage emulators" in options) and make sure the cores are set up properly, and if you have more than one instance of retroarch set up, that might be a cause. Otherwise, you may want to consider setting up Retroarch again in Launch
  7. Okay, I'll do a test with it now and see what happens
  8. That's kind of an odd situation, but I've had a similar thing happen to me as well I'd check to see if the cores you're using through Launchbox are the same ones you set up with the Bezel Project. For example, you may have "mesen" set up with the Bezel Project for NES games, but perhaps LaunchBox is launching the FCEumm or Nestopia core. I'd start by checking that first
  9. Just to add my 2 cents. Coming from my own experience in recent days, if you want to play the less demanding "A" titles, 2D games, and mostly indie stuff, you can get by playing Yuzu with a budget GFX card, but I'd have to say you'll need a pretty beefy processor (CPU) and a decent GFX card to play the more sophisticated 3D and "AAA" games. The same holds true for PS3 games as Neil mentioned. I have an older CPU (i7 4790s) and Nvdia 1070GTX, and while I'm running Super Mario Odyssey, it's playable but sluggish at best.
  10. okay, it's basically a copy of the mame.ini file, but customized for only cdi games. so if you don't have it, just copy the mame.ini file and rename it to cdimono1.ini and then change the settings accordingly
  11. For some reason, this is one of the most tricky systems to get working with Mame, based on the number of posts I've seen here on the LaunchBox forums, and I'd have to agree with that, mostly because of Mame's slightly picky configurations for software games like this. First, make sure you have the correct bios file (named "cdimono1.zip" or "cdimono1.7z") and also make sure you have the cdimono1.ini the "ini" folder of mame with the correct directory of where your bios is located. For example, like this: # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # homepath . rompath
  12. Yep, you have two choices: stick with the older mame and remove that "-keyboardprovider" from the default command line parameters, or update to the latest mame, but you'll probably have to find the latest set of mame roms. To answer your question, "newer is better" certainly does apply here, but I wouldn't be able to go into any specifics and if you're content with your current/original setup, then I'd stick with the older version of mame
  13. in launchbox, "tools" - "manage emulators" also, if you haven't changed your mame files in the past 5 years, you may want to update that as well since there's been a lot of changes since then
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