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  1. bundangdon

    9.6-beta-1 Released

    +1 on this idea😄
  2. bundangdon

    C64 Dreams (massive curated C64 collection)

    Definitely going to check this out soon. Thanks a lot for sharing such an awesome c64 creation!
  3. bundangdon

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    @Solo I believe there's another thread on this forum (if you do a search) as a lot of people have asked how to use Phoenix, since it's considered to be not only the best 3DO emulator but the Atari Jaguar as well surprisingly. But I believe you have to create a profile for each individual game you have within the emulator itself before you can run them through launchbox. However if there's a more simple way, i'd definitely like to know too😁
  4. bundangdon

    No box art art? I made these how to use?

    As far as I know, that option is not available while using bulk edit. However, this is a feature that's been requested by several members on several occasions, including myself😁 For now, the only way to do this is to manually edit each game, and drop the image into the artwork window and assign it "Box - Front"; kind of a tedious process but certainly better than nothing
  5. bundangdon

    Back To The Bigbox MAME Edition

    Not sure who said that you've "got no talent" but I can guess that it's probably one of the other so-called media creators who lurks around here, or just other grumpy users who have nothing better to do than criticizing and complaining about other people's work. At any rate, keep doing what you're doing and thanks for always contributing some excellent stuff here!
  6. bundangdon

    Platform Category Inspiration

    One ideal way you could organize consoles is by generation. There's a fairly basic but good explanation of this here: https://www.quora.com/How-are-video-game-console-generations-defined-Who-defines-them For example: 1st Generation: Magnavox Odyssey 2nd Generation: Mattel Intellivision, Atari 2600 3rd Generation: Nintendo NES, Sega Master System, Atari and so on More in-depth coverage on this subject can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_home_video_game_consoles
  7. bundangdon

    Lost in Gaming Retro Startup

    A little weird, but very cool at the same time!
  8. bundangdon

    HBO Inspired Start-up Theme Suggestion

    That would be awesome to see such a start-up video come to life! That HBO intro used to always get me extremely hyped up for whatever movie was coming on within the next 60 seconds
  9. bundangdon

    Amstrad CPC & launchbox ?

    Just curious, do you happen to know the command line to make Winape start full screen?
  10. bundangdon

    How Do I Get Rid of This?

    No worries! Glad you got it figured out
  11. bundangdon

    How Do I Get Rid of This?

    More than likely what you need to do is deselect "Advertisement Flyer - Front" from "Box Front Priorities" and "3D Box Priorities" in the LaunchBox options screen as shown below
  12. bundangdon

    GridBlocked Startup Theme

    Just downloaded now and it's working great. Thank you!
  13. bundangdon

    GridBlocked Startup Theme

    @Retro808 I'm also having issues using this startup theme. The games won't start and my mouse-pointer also disappears. The only way I can get the pointer to reappear is by restarting the system. Maybe there's an error somewhere in the code?
  14. bundangdon

    Unified Refried 2.0

    @RetroHumanoid Great work once again! Thanks a lot for the update!
  15. bundangdon


    @faeran you've done it again! Great work