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  1. Honestly, I really like the way this theme looks and wouldn't really change anything as i've been using it for the past few months. Though, it would be nice to have some different color schemes to choose from. But hey, that's probably just me
  2. bundangdon

    adding box art

    Okay, good to know. Was getting conflicting answers here, but it seems like a few users were just confused with the PC version while answering the original post
  3. bundangdon

    adding box art

    Thanks, I tried that but it still isn't working. @Jason Carr just wondering if this issue has come up before, or have you tried manually placing image files in with any success? I've made several attempts to add images which weren't provided during the importing process without any luck. Is it possible this is happening because the launchbox folder and the games folder are two separate drives? For instance, the launchbox folder is in the phone's root drive, while the games are in the phone's micro sd card
  4. bundangdon

    adding box art

    I've just recently tried this using a .jpg with the exact same name as the game without any luck so far. Any suggestions, or could this be a possible bug?
  5. bundangdon

    adding box art

    I don't think this applies to the Android version. Good luck trying to "right click" with your phone
  6. Okay, here we go Name: Don Age: 47 Username story: The "don" part certainly comes from my given name while the "bundang" is the name of the city where I first lived in when I moved to South Korea several years ago. It's a suburb city a few miles southeast of Seoul Favorite systems: Atari 2600, Sony Playstation 2, Switch Favorite game: From the past: Pitfall (Atari 2600), Currently: Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Favorite genres: Adventure, Fighting, Racing FE scene recap: Started with MAME, ZSNES, Neorage, and a few others 20 years ago or so. Got back into the emulation scene with Hyperspin and switched over to Launchbox about 3 years ago. Once in a while I also code and 'decorate' some custom made themes within AttractMode
  7. Galaxy S10e is also an excellent device with the same cpu/gpu as the S10+ model at a much cheaper price but with a smaller screen
  8. Just out of curiosity, I tried all of the available Retroarch cores with some Sega Master System games and now I understand what you mean. No matter what kind of custom resolutions I set, each game has some weird stuff going on where the title screen is fine and lines up perfectly with my custom resolutions, but as soon as the game starts, the screen is suddenly smashed into a weird widescreen-blackbox effect. Does anyone out there know how to set this system up and keep a constant/set resolution in the video options within Retroarch? Edit: Never mind! I realized that some games look like that by design, although the resolutions do vary slightly from game to game. The only real way to solve this issue is to save the custom resolutions by overriding the options for each game, which is somewhat a hassle to do, but better than nothing I suppose.
  9. Never get tired of seeing/hearing this question Certainly the answers you get about "Which is the best emulator" will be somewhat subjective while some will get nearly unanimous answers from users out there. For example, here are the more obvious choices: Nintendo Gamecube/Wii - Dolphin Nintendo Wii U - Cemu Sony PlayStation 2 - PCSX2 Sony PlayStation 3 - RPCS3 Sony PSP - PPSSPP Nintendo DS - MelonDS (Desmume is also a great choice) Nintendo 3DS - Citra Arcade (General) - MAME Atari 2600 - Stella (standalone or retroarch core) The rest are somewhat subjective, depending on people's tastes, preferences, system requirements, etc. but in most cases Retroarch will cover all your needs, while MAME will cover a lot of the other systems out there (consoles, computers, handhelds, etc.) Hope this helps!
  10. Nicely said! Thanks for that well thought out and detailed answer. Once again, welcome aboard and look forward to seeing and hearing about more of those "secret" features you've been dreaming up for Launchbox and Bigbox!
  11. Welcome aboard! Here's an interview-style question for ya: What was your driving force in deciding to join the Launchbox development team?
  12. Yep! It's similar to a scenario where you're watching an HD movie or tv show on an SD television (pre-2000), as you'd get the same result, with black bars below and above the picture. However, there are a few BigBox themes here which are compatible with older (1024x768) monitors as a lot of people use this for their CRT monitors, arcade cabinets and such
  13. That may have something to do with your monitor settings. It should be set to 1920x1080 in order to use that theme (and most others).
  14. As @Retro808 mentioned, it's best to make a request to the theme's author in the original thread where the file and information can be found. Coincidentally, I asked a very talented and helpful theme creator, Faeran, to add that very same feature in the "RetroFresh" theme and he took care of it in a very quick manner to my surprise
  15. There's only a few themes (I know of) where you can do this, as it's coded into the theme itself and is not necessarily a default or optional feature. The theme "CityHunter" is one theme that comes to mind. With it, you could replace the included mp4 "CityHunter 2" in the theme to whatever you want. However, in order to do something similar with the "Stark" theme, the code for this feature would have to be added somehow.
    Great stuff! As a beta tester for Community Theme Creator, I can honestly say it's a huge gift to the LaunchBox community and to the aspiring theme creators out there who don't want to mess around with programming code. It's fairly simple to use with a lot of useful features while creating themes that can be added to BigBox.
  16. While using this controller in Switch mode, it does all of the same things that it would do in PC/Xinput mode, and also allows you to use the star and home buttons within Retroarch for other very useful functions. Also, the analog nubs can be used as a mouse which is also quite useful. In Xinput mode, unfortunately I can't use these 2 buttons and they're rendered useless. I gave it another go today and while I can register the key combinations and assign buttons to the corresponding actions with Xinput mode just fine, it doesn't seem to be working for me within the games. I've tried Retroarch, MAME, and a couple of other emulators. On a side note, I don't have any game controller software running in the background
  17. Okay, that worked, but only sort of. When I set up the controller in xinput mode like you did, the menu registered my configurations properly. However, when I pressed the corresponding buttons for "Show the Pause Screen" nothing happened even with different button configuration-combinations. And basically, the SF30 Pro in Switch mode doesn't work at all, besides the basic navigation controls. I'm guessing that Jason may need to test this with an actual 8bitdo controller to get the issue resolved
  18. Nope, still not working. I even tried to configure the controller in PC mode as well as Switch mode. Both work fine with navigation and selecting commands but nothing seems to register when I try to configure any mappings. Here is what I have displayed in the controller configuration option
  19. Appreciate the help. I also tried it with the USB connected and still no dice
  20. I can't seem to get the new controller mapping feature to work with the 8bitdo SF30 Pro controller. In both LaunchBox and BigBox there's no response in these mapping menus, although the controller can navigate and select games just fine as it did before this feature was implemented. Anyone else having issues with this feature?
  21. @eatkinola thanks a lot for the update! Just wondering, how can I change the fonts for some of the views? For example, I really like the font used with the thumbnails view
  22. Excellent! Thanks a bunch for the quick reply ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Edit: This is probably a much much bigger favor to ask, but is there a way to use stars instead of a number for the "Star Rating"? For example, my rating for a particular game is 3.5 stars but on the fade theme it reads "3". However, I know this is a bigger task involving graphics to indicate the number of stars, so hope that you'll consider the idea for future updates
  23. Great work once again! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just wondering, is there any way that we could replace the "Rating" with "Star Rating"?
  24. A wee bit too flashy for my taste๐Ÿ˜ But I'm extremely impressed because this theme looks amazing! Great work once again!
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