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Zelda Saved Game profile lagging while other saved game profiles work fine


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I saved a game of Zelda Twilight Princess (GameCube version) and now when I load it and start playing it's super laggy. I can start a new game and there's no lag, and when starting the game there's no lag, but when I load that specific saved game or a "copy" of that saved game then it is super slow. I've tried changing all the video settings, latency settings, etc, but can't figure it out. Not even sure if there is a way to fix it, but if there is that would wonderful.

I'm just getting started in this setup and just learned about the different saved states that you can do using RetroArch instead of a saved game on the game itself, but right now I'm stuck and don't want to finish the rest of the game (a little over halfway) having to play on super lag mode. And I don't want to have to play another 8 hours to get to the same point that I'm at now. 

Any help would be amazing!

The setup is RetroArch using Dolphin core (see screenshots).


Screenshot 2023-02-05 161424.png

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On 2/6/2023 at 8:58 PM, Suhrvivor said:

If you can play the superior HD Edition for the WiiU I'd recomnend to go for that instead of the old GameCube version. The GameCube version has a lot of emulation errors on Dolphin that are not pesent on the WiiU Emulator (CEMU).


Definitely good to know! I'll try to get that all setup and use that one instead. Thanks for your help!

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