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Force-write Launchbox media paths in platform databases?


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Wasn't sure where to post this but here goes. I have my LB setup on my Steamdeck on my Windows partition, but I'm looking to move over to SteamOS after trying it last night.

The primary emulation front end for SteamOS seems to be Emulation Station. However LB's database is more complete than ES's scrapers and I'd rather not reimport metadata for everything for 47 systems. I use a lot of my own media scraped using Emumovies download utility. There is a very handy python script by Dingodan to convert LB databases and media to ES format, but it only works if there are complete path's written for media. The problem is LB is "smart" and if you have any media that is added manually without having LB scrape it, if it is named close to your rom, it display's it (which is great) but when it does this it does not write any paths in the platform.xml. 

Is there anyway to have LB force write paths to box art, video's etc. if using your own media? 

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Hi sorry, you're right I'm confusing LB's database with how ES is. I'm trying to figure out why this python script seems to be only copying media over from games that LB had to scrape media for because EM did not have anything available.

So how does LB know what video and media to display for which game? 

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