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Daphne emulator game exit causing Launchbox to switch monitors


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    I finally got Daphne emulator working perfectly through Launchbox with one exception. The Launchbox menu moves to my Marquee monitor when exiting a daphne game, and then I have to drag it back to my main monitor. I have tried every setting I could think of with no success.  I use Devreorder to keep my game controllers from swapping, and Xpadder for the controls with Daphne. I also use the Thirdscreen plugin for marquees as I am use to navigating Launchbox, couldn't get use to Bigbox. I am using Daphne standalone not part of Retroarch. I do not have this issue with Mame standalone nor any of my Retroarch stuff. My main monitor uses HDMI to HDMI, and Marquee monitor uses DVI to Displayport, On a 4070TI card. Any suggestion?

  thanks in advance, CW

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    Not sure if you mean Launchbox or the Daphne game when you ask about fullscreen. But either way both are full screen. I am running Daphne at the recommended resolutions. It does keep correct aspect ration when going full screen on 4K monitor. The Marquee monitor is a normal 1600 X 900 monitor. Not a special cut-off one.  I did notice that when running Daphne outside of Launchbox that any windowed folders and even the Daphneloader switch over to the marquee monitor when exiting a game. The games always play on my main monitor though. It must have something to do with daphne itself. Maybe I should get a HDMI to displayport adapter for the monitor (It has no displayport output). Could be that it is prioritizing displayport of the marquee monitor over the HDMI monitor with regards to other programs???


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