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What is the proper process and steps to exit a MAME game in an arcade cabinet with select/start and joystick/buttons. I tried to open RetroArch, load mame2003-plus core (game I'm using uses this), Enable HotKeys and hold down Select. After starting the game holding Select for a while just adds 'coins/credits' to game and holding down select and start won't exit the game as well. 

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The encoder my cabinet uses (an I-Pac mini) has the Player 1 Start button (which = "1" on the keyboard) set as a hold key.  If I press P1 Start, it... well... starts (or 'presses' "1" on the keyboard).  If I press and hold P1 Start and then press the Pause button ("P" on the keyboard), it 'presses' Escape on the keyboard.  Which is the default key used to exit MAME.

If you've reassigned what key is used to exit MAME, then you need to figure what which button on the control panel for your arcade cabinet corresponds to the new key assignment.

If your encoder is setup as XInput (vs Keyboard), then things are different and someone else will need to chime in (because I've never done it that way).

Another potential issue is you're dealing with Retroarch and MAME together.  I've never used MAME in RA, but I hear setting up inputs/controls can be very cumbersome (I'm being very polite with my words).  Have you thought about using stand-alone MAME?

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10 minutes ago, rrob said:

use RetroArch and mame2003

K.  But the button/keyboard exiting scheme should be the same.  If you press Escape on the keyboard attached to your cab, does it exit your MAME game (you launched via the RA emulator)?

What encoder does your cab have?  Do you know if it's setup in XInput or Keyboard mode?

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