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Launchbox images all disappeared overnight (completely deleted)


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I've been using Launchbox for years now.  It's worked pretty well.

Over the years I've tried various ways to "sync" my Launchbox installation and games between my desktop and laptop with varied success.  The latest option I tried (Resilio Sync) seemed to work very well and synced all changes to files nearly instantly.  Everything was in sync across my desktop and laptop.

Well, after about a week of it being perfect, I open Launchbox on dekstop find all the images are missing for one of my platforms.  Weird.  I re-add the images for that platform, everything syncs up, and all is good.

Well, another week goes by and now the images are missing for my entire library: nearly 500 games.  And they're not just missing from Launchbox, the files themselves are literally gone.  I checked on my desktop too and they're gone there as well.

Any idea what's going on?  I'll re-download all the box art if I have to, but I don't want to even bother if it's just going to be deleted randomly again for some reason.

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Sounds like an issue with how your file sync software is set to work. I've never used that app to really understand all it's pinch points. That being said if LaunchBox isn't even open when this is happening it obviously isn't on our end.

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