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TeknoParrot - Adding Game Bug - 13.2


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Setting up TeknoParrot for my retro YT channel ( www.youtube.com/@GentlemensPixelClub ) if anyone is interested and found a bug in TeknoParrot I believe.

Previously in older versions of TeknoParrot I have five games setup and just went to setup Sega Rally 3 which would use SR3.XML.
When launching, the game just loaded the TeknoParrot GUI and nothing happened.
Deleted a previous working game ( Virtua Tennis 4 ) and readded, exactly the same problem. 

My game roms are on a separate  disk and I am using the bottom option when importing which basically says leave in original location.

I have done a check of the ArcadePC.XML and it looks like the import is now missing a step...

On a working game we have...

<ApplicationPath>..\..\Emulation 2023\TeknoParrot\GameProfiles\GtiClub3.xml</ApplicationPath>

...on Sega Rally 3 and Virtua Tennis 4, they both added to the data - but the <CommandLine>X</CommandLine> was missing.

Once imported...

<ApplicationPath>..\..\Emulation 2023\TeknoParrot\GameProfiles\SR3.xml</ApplicationPath>

...I then edited it to...

<ApplicationPath>..\..\Emulation 2023\TeknoParrot\GameProfiles\SR3.xml</ApplicationPath>

...and worked fine.

Not sure if anybody else has seen this and not sure where to report a bug ( and a resolution ).  Running Windows 11 as well, happy to provide anything needed on my setup if this is an isolated bug.

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It is not a bug in LB. Using that old method of getting TP games running within LB users have to manually add that command line to each game. That is however, an old way of doing it.

You can follow this method and not have to add the individual command line for each game ran through TeknoP.


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