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I have a newly built arcade with a 4 player deck and 6 buttons for each player and a Player 1 button, Player 2 button, Player 3 button and Player 4 button. I have Bigbox setup and working fine where player one is the very left controls, player 2 is the second controls, etc. The issue I am having is it is a 3/4 arcade so it feels more natural when only playing one player games to actually be standing at the second player buttons. Or on two player games for the first player to be at the very left controls, but the second player to be at the 3rd controls. Is there a way in bigbox to select what controls you are going to use in each game? For example, when it asks one or two players, if you hit the second player start button it uses those controls for only one player? Or if you want to player 2 player you hit the 2nd player button but then you hit another button on each controller you are going to use? Hard to explain, hope it makes sense. Thanks for the help!

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6 minutes ago, Blaze85 said:

Right, sorry about that. Let's focus on MAME then. does anyone know of a way to do this within MAME?

For Mame you can set game specific bindings. So lets say you launch 4-player version of TMNT you can set the mapping for that to have P1 on left, P2 the next one, and so on. Then you can load up say a Street Fighter rom and map the controls with P1 on the 2nd slot and P2 on the 3rd. Then when you launch those games later on Mame will load that specific maps for each game. 

You would do it per game. I think there might be a way to set all 2-player games with the same mapping and all 4-player games as well, but that is not something I had messed with or really read up on. 

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