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Running Big Box w/marquee slows down emulation?


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Hi all,

relatively new to computer performance things so bare with me. I have an older computer running big box, and I am using a dual monitor setup for marquees. I tested out some Sega Saturn and Dreamcast roms before I installed launchbox or hooked up my second monitor and everything ran smoothly, even using launchbox with one screen. As soon as I hooked up the second monitor and was using big box, the games would run terribly slow. What’s weird is, the Saturn games are so slow they are unplayable, but the Dreamcast Roms run fine until I get into actual gameplay (for example, NFL Blitz runs smoothly until the opening kickoff then it runs at half speed.) My question is, is there anything I can do on my PC to improve this, or is an upgrade needed? Money is a little tight so I’m hoping I’ll be alright. Some of my specs below.

Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 5450

CPU: AMD FX 4100

Running Retroarch for consoles up to Sega Dreamcast, latest version of Mame for arcade.


I know I am running on legacy hardware so please let me know if there’s anything else I can do. I overclocked to recommended settings, updated all my drivers, still nothing. Should I just get a new PC, or could I update my graphics card? Thanks in advance.

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Make sure when you plugged in your second monitor your refresh rates didn't get messed up in Windows. Some times hooking in a new monitor reverts the settings and places them at weird values. Ensure both monitors are running at 60hz+ and that the refresh rate in your emulator matches.

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