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Poor System Performance on my Gaming PC with Launchbox 13.14

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Hello All,

A few weeks ago I upgraded Launchbox to version 13.14 based on the recent video which I thought said the latest version was 13.13. Since the upgrade, my PC (Win 11, Intel Core i9, 32 GB DDR4) gets completely bogged down when running Launchbox. Browser windows stop responding, the mouse becomes unresponsive sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for a few mins, and other programs just stop working altogether. If I close Launchbox down, everything goes back to normal and my PC is happy again. I'm wondering if something went wrong in the upgrade or if maybe I have something set incorrectly somewhere. Has anyone else experienced this with 13.14 or is it just me? I currently only have 2 emulators installed (RetroArch and MAME 0.251) which covers my Arcade, Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, and Sega systems, none which go beyond Sega Genesis. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'd love to get back to playing games again without worrying if it will crash my PC or not. :)

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I've never heard of our app doing anything like this to a user's machine. The mouse stutter thing I've heard before, the rest is new. For the mouse stutter what usually is affecting it is having the "Use All Controllers" option when you don't have one plugged in. To disable that in LaunchBox go to Tools > Options. Scroll the left list all the way to the bottom and select "Game Controllers". There is a "Use All Attached Controllers" option. Make sure that's turned off.

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Remarkably enough, I think that cured the whole thing. Everything seems to be running smooth now. Not sure how I turned that thing on but I'm glad it's off now. Thanks for the help. :)

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