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Realtalk:- 1st Entry



Hi all,

Wanted to let off some steam so this is an insight to my personal life. As this is a blog and all that.

Where to start 

My recent flurry of Emu Media (not sure if this is clased as Social Media)

I'm coming off a few weeks of a mood low and had a great home life weekend with my wife and daughter. THE SUN WAS OUT, got some gardening done and building work on my house is moving forward after months of hassle & hidden cost. So am loving life again.

This has been building for a couple of weeks and now i have my motivation and focus back. It also helped that I had some time on the Nvidia Shield to get kodi setup well, at last...got the boxing in HD, played some paperboy on mame and had time to play with a new Android frontend, i got given the license key for by the dev (a little more on that another time) ?

Probably the biggest winner was that there was a decent interest and revival in work on Commodore Amiga emulation on the Shield and general Hyperspin community activity from the top peeps ....(Hyperspin...sorry its still my primary gaming solution, LaunchBox is VERY close second to that)

Focus and mind

My focus (around the emu scene) may be short lived for 3 reasons.

1. As i mentioned i have some building work happening...although im not building it i am organising the plumbing, electrics and woodwork. So when the walls are up im gonna be busy. Bolt on to that while we wait the garden is getting a make over. Playhouse for the little one, flower beds for the wife, a archway entrance to the garden (im upcycling a swing chair frame and im super excited to do some woodwork again) I will be about im sure but maybe more patchy now till winter.


2. The bureau cab build starts when the house is done or before...Think this


and transformers...thats what im doing. Lol


3. The final reason is the curse of having a bi-polar mother. I think some of that is ingrained in to me. I have always had a hold on it but there are still those peaks and lulls.

WE are at tbe PEAK today.

Anyway lunch break finished 10mins ago. I gotta get back to running cables on a building site.




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I have the same curse, brother (bipolar mother and bipolar blood). But it's also a blessing at times, as we can cope and know how to deal with all kinds of different people. :)

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Wow so true.

Pegged my personality in so few words. Wish i could use less words.


Balls i gotta go dig its 8.15. Jason keeping me from real life again..... its always one dev or the other

(4th edif because i kept hitting your notifications before saving)

Edited by Thatman84
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