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Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Platform 4.0.0

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Version 4.0.0 of the D&D M&M Platform
Happy 50th Anniversary to Dungeons & Dragons!

Well, after 6 years, this project has arrived at its FINAL version; coinciding with D&D's 50th Anniversary. This was quite a major endeavor that involved hundreds of hours searching for images, collecting data, fixing errors, Photo-Shopping images, finding and fabricating 3D models, creating playlists, recreating images, creating and keying in specifications for each item, and overall attempting to make the platform as robust as possible. I could probably spend several more months or even years on the finite data details but the image collection is, by and large, complete. I might possibly do some very minor updates in the future, if I find any glaring mistakes, but this is where the TSR-era D&D quest ends. If you’ve been along for the ride, and have downloaded previous versions, I hope you enjoyed the journey. If you are new to this platform, I hope you revel the rich artwork and detailed information. Finally, I hope you appreciate the effort and care put into this project. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable, experience gaining, hit-point sacrificing, magical adventure.

Thanks so much to websites like TSRArchive, RPGGeek, DriveThruRPG, eBay, and Worthpoint which without these amazing sites, none of this would be possible. I must reiterate, however, that NO PDFs or Software are included with this platform. This retrospective image and data compilation is for the preservation, enjoyment, and appreciation of the mythology, artwork, history, development, and universe that is D&D

The following is a probably not a complete list of the changes for v4.0, but I’ll do my best.

  1. Added 7 new TSR products including
    • DragonLance Saga Graphic Novels Books 1-5 (fantastic adaptations of the DragonLance novels from TSR and DC Comics).
    • DragonQuest Game 3rd Edition (TSR bought the rights from SPI then released a 3rd edition of the game).
    • TSR11523 - Dungeons & Dragons - Adventure Game - The Adventure Begins Now (a variation of 11450).
  2. Over 330 new or updated Box – Front images.
    • Many new images to replace blurry or truncated images.
    • Resized images that were way too large.
    • Blended colors to smooth blotchiness on many images.
    • Much clearer or richer artwork.
  3. Over 380 new or updated Box – Back images.
    • Many new images replaced blurry or truncated images.
    • Resized images that were way too large.
    • Blended colors to smooth blotchiness on many images.
    • Removed stains/discolorations from numerous images.
    • Fixed colors on many images so front and back images match.
  4. Over 150 new or updated Box – Spine images.
    • Many new images replaced blurry or truncated images.
    • Resized images that were way too large.
    • Corrected lettering, coloring, trademarks, and logos on spine images so they better match box front images. 
  5. The bulk of the work went into recreating nearly 770 Box – 3D images.
    • ALL 3-D images are now 300 DPI. This completes the migration of the entire main D&D image collection to 300 DPI.
    • Many new images replaced blurry or truncated images.
    • Blended colors to smooth blotchiness on many images.
    • Much clearer or richer artwork.
    • Resized images that were way too large.
    • Fixed nearly all manuals and modules width to better exhibit the thickness of the book.
    • Fixed nearly all the boxed sets to better exhibit the proper box thickness.
    • Most all the book spines can be viewed using the 3D viewer while the 3D display images show the page/book thickness. I felt these 2 different views/features of LaunchBox collectively give a better overall perception of the product's appearance.
  6. Updated TSR8441 - The Worlds of TSR with new hardback with dustcover 3D book model.
  7. Fixed/updated filenames on several items to better represent the product title. The new filenames are as follows:
    • TSR3107 - Birthright - Domain Sourcebook - Player's Secrets of Tuornen
    • TSR9451 - Ravenloft - Official Game Accessory - RR9 - Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead
    • TSR9477 - Ravenloft - Official Game Accessory - RR10 - Van Richten's Guide to Fiends
    • TSR9495 - Ravenloft - Official Game Adventure - RR11 - Chilling Tales
    • TSR9496 - Ravenloft - Official Game Accessory - RR12 - Van Richten's Guide to the Vistani
    • TSR9498 - Ravenloft - Campaign Expansion - The Gothic Earth Gazetteer - A Masque of the Red Death Accessory
    • TSR9529 - Ravenloft - Campaign Expansion - A Guide to Transylvania - A Masque of the Red Death Accessory
    • TSR9543 - DragonLance - Fifth Age - Dramatic Supplement - Heroes of Sorcery
    • TSR9546 - DragonLance - Fifth Age - Dramatic Supplement - Heroes of Hope
    • TSR11450 - Dungeons & Dragons - Adventure Game - The Adventure Begins Now
  8. Greatly expanded the Series filter with numerous additions.
  9. Expanded the Setting filter with several new locations.
  10. Split the Core Rules playlist into 2 new, more meaningful playlists.
    • New Spells & Magic playlist that includes mostly items for spellcasters.
    • New Maps & Treasure playlist that includes mostly items for adventurers and fortune seekers.
    • Added playlist icons for these 2 new playlists.
    • The Core Rules playlist now mostly consists of handbooks specifically targeted at DMs and Players.
    • Connected or corrected items to and from various other playlists.
  11. Renamed the RPGA playlist to RPGA/Tournament.
    • Added several new entries to this playlist.
  12. Fixed many items that were associated with the wrong category/filter or ones that had no entry for a specific filter.
  13. Removed WM101-200 - Chainmail - 2nd Edition as it is neither a TSR nor an AD&D 2nd Edition WOTC product.

SPECIAL NOTE:  When installing the D&D Platform on the FREE version of LaunchBox, the LaunchBox application will automatically remove the custom filters from the Dungeons & Dragons XML file. If LaunchBox is later updated to the PAID version, it will no longer show/contain the custom filters. You will need to re-extract the Dungeons & Dragons XML from the RAR archive (\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms) then overwrite the existing XML in the ..\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms directory on your local drive. This must be done while the LaunchBox application is shut down.

-----------------------------------------------------------INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. For a new installation, just extract the LaunchBox folder in the archive into the same folder where your LaunchBox installation exists.
  2. Do the same even if you have a previous D&D installation but overwrite any/all D&D related files.
  3. This should update everything properly. However, there may be playlists and images with defunct filenames left over from any previous D&D installations. Delete these, if desired.
  4. Be sure to clear your image Cache in LaunchBox and BigBox to see the newest images.


  5. The paths to the Game/PDF files are all now set to Z:\ in the Dungeons & Dragons.xml, since I am currently using a network drive that contains my files. 

    You can change this to your path by doing the following:
  • Navigate to your \LaunchBox\Data\Platforms folder and open the Dungeons & Dragons.xml file in TEXT Editor program (such as Notepad++). 
  • Find/Replace Z:\ with yourpath\ You can use a relative path such as ..\D&D\ or an absolute path such as C:\DnD\

Setting Up the D&D Platform after copying: 

  1. Using your PC's Explorer/file system:
    1. Place your D&D PDFs in a folder that is at the same level as your LaunchBox directory (I use  a network drive mapped to z:/D&D). See the image above on how to change that.
    2. Use FATMATCH or a similar program to rename your PDFs so they are similar to the image filenameshttps://emumovies.com/files/file/227-fatmatch-file-renamer/
  2. Selecting Platform Categories should make the D&D Platform automatically appear. If it doesn't, you can do the following:
    Within the LaunchBox Application
    • Add a new Platform by selecting TOOLS ==> IMPORT ==> ROM Files
    • Select the folder where you've stored your PDFs. In my case it's  c:/D&D
    • If you use a folder named D&D that's at the same level as your LaunchBox folder, you'll only need to scan in a few files. This is just to get the Platform to show up.
      • The relative paths for the PDFs are already set to ..\D&D\ in the LaunchBox Dungeons & Dragons XML.
      • If you store your PDFs in a different named folder or at a different level then you'll have to rescan all the files. It's easier just to rename the directory.
      • You can also FIND/REPLACE the ..\D&D\ path in the Dungeons & Dragons XML with your path.
      • For example, if your D&D PDFs folder is c:\Emulators\Dungeons & Dragons, you would need to set the <ApplicationPath>..\D&amp;D\  for every game in the XML to <ApplicationPath>..\Emulators\Dungeons &amp; Dragons\
  3. I have done this installation numerous times on different PCs to test. If you need help, please ask. I am not responsible if you mess up your LaunchBox installation

In order to attach a D&D playlist to the main Dungeons & Dragons Platform, perform the following steps within LaunchBox:

  1. On the left drop-down menu select Playlists. This should allow you to see all the D&D Playlists I've created.
  2. Right-click on a playlist and select EDIT.
  3.  Click the Parents tab
  4. Unckeck the ROOT checkbox
  5. Check the box next to Dungeons & Dragons

To get the D&D 3D images to show up do the following:

  1. Select the Dungeons & Dragons menu item in LaunchBox
  2. Navigate to TOOL ==> VIEW ==> IMAGE GROUP ==> 3D BOXES

To have the PDFs Launch with the PDF reader of your choice:

  1. In LaunchBox, select ALL images that pertain to PDFs
  2. Right-click on one of the images and select EDIT. The BULK Edit window will pop up.
  3. Select EMULATOR from the Field and change the value to either Adobe Acrobat or Rocket Launcher
  4. I use Soda PDF reader version 7.2.03 (it's FREE) connected to RocketLauncher.
    1. I've included the required Rocket Launcher scripts in the download archive.
    2. RocketLauncher already has built-in AHK files for Soda PDF which makes it super easy to run properly.
    3. Soda PDF has a nice 3D page-turning effect which makes the manuals more realistic.
  5. If you'd like to use Adobe Acrobat (or some other PDF Reader) you can easily add it as an emulator in LaunchBox.
    1. Right-click on 1 image and select EDIT.
    2. Add Adobe Acrobat as a new emulator as seen in this image.

To have the background image in LaunchBox be the same as the Box-Front image, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to TOOL ==> OPTIONS 
  2. Click on Background Priorities and check the BOX-FRONT checkbox.
  3. Set the Default Background to Use Blown Up Art
  4. To get all D&D screenshot images to display for previewing, check the  BOX-FRONT, BOX-BACK, BOX-3D, and BOX-SPINE checkboxes in SCREENSHOT Priorities.

If you are missing artwork for the Video Games Playlist, do the following in LaunchBox:

  1. Open the D&D Video Games Playlist
  2. do CTRL+A to select all items in the playlist.
  3. Click the Main Menu (the 3 horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. Select Download Metadata and Media.
  5. The D&D Video Games Playlist is by no means complete for every console and arcade title out there. It presently contains mostly PC games. If you have an extensive library, add any and all games you'd like to the playlist.

If you want to add a description to the main D&D Platform, do the following in LaunchBox:

  1. Open the D&D Platform Notes text file included in the ZIP archive.
  2. Right-Click on the Dungeons & Dragons Platform and select EDIT.
  3. Click on the Notes tab.
  4. Copy then Paste the text from the D&D Platform Notes into the NOTES text box.
  5. Click OK


---------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND ----------------------------------------------

I've been working on a this LB Dungeons & Dragons system, for educational and historical preservation purposes (and for personal enjoyment), for quite some time now. I originally made it for my Hyperspin installation but finally decided to try it out for Launchbox. Once I saw how feature-rich LaunchBox is, I decided to rework this D&D system for LB. 

There will definitely be updates to the filenames, images, and notes as I find misspellings, omissions, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. I did not type all the notes myself but found a lot of information and back-cover descriptions for each file on sites such as rpggeek.com, tsrbothgunsblazing.com, tomeoftreasures.com, waynesbooks.com, dmsguild.com, worthpoint.com, and several others. Much of the data on these sites had a lot of misspellings, omissions, and grammatical errors so I did my best in refining the data.

If you're a Dungeons & Dragons player, enjoy reading the mythology, or simply enjoy the artwork, you may enjoy this LaunchBox system. The games within the system consist of Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks, gaming modules, cards, and boardgames from Original D&D all the way through the end of AD&D 2nd Edition (~1972-2000). This is not a video game system but a PDF e-reader system. THERE ARE NO D&D PDFs FOR DOWNLOAD, ONLY IMAGES AND DB FILES FOR USE WITH LAUNCHBOX! I will NOT provide you with PDFs, PC CD ISOs, or links to them. If you already possess the PC programs or PDF modules/books, this is simply an art-driven way to collect them all together and make it easy to find and launch for your gaming sessions.

You may be wondering how it works with a PDF reader. Well, I use Soda PDF with Rocket Launcher and it works amazing. Please search for and download Soda PDF reader (it's FREE!) version 7.2.03 and connect it to RocketLauncher. RocketLauncher already has built-in AHK files for Soda PDF which makes it super easy to run properly. I also like to view the PDFs in 3D as it has the nice page-turning effect.

I've included several playlists that make up the various game settings such as Forgotten Realms, Planescape, Ravenloft, and DragonLance. As you can see in the examples, I use the front page of the manual as the background for the selected item. Using the FLIP feature, you may also view the artwork/descriptions from the backs of every item.  I also included several background images and logos for the various playlists. It definitely needs more work to reach its full potential but I am happy with how it's turned out so far.

I really hope you like the D&D Platform. Please let me know your thoughts on improving what I have already. If any of you awesome artists would like to contribute to this platform, by all means, please do so!

NOTE: This system has not been set up with any custom BigBox themes except the 2 that come included with BigBox. If you use a custom theme, you'll need to move the images to the proper folders.

I'm hoping, at some point, this D&D system can be part of the automatic downloads one receives when setting up a new platform.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the release. Enjoy!


-------------------------------------------------------------------CHANGE LOG----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Version 3.9.0 of the D&D M&M Platform

Welcome to the latest update of the Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules LaunchBox Platform. This release is the most ambitious yet. The work put into this release accounts for months of searching for images, Photoshopping images, fixing errors, updating data, and overall making the whole Platform much more aesthetically pleasing. The following changes are likely not a complete picture of what's been accomplished but I will do my best:

  1. Found and added 2 new product images, that I just recently discovered, bringing the total number of items to 962.
    • TSR8420 - Catacombs Books - The Ultimate Maze Solo Quest - Faerie Mound of Dragonkind.
    • TSR8422 - Catacombs Books - Forgotten Realms - Solo Quest - Knight of the Living Dead.
  2. Searched, found, edited, and added hundreds of Book Spine images bringing the total to a complete 962 Box Spines.
    • Fabricated around 280 new Box Spine images.
      • Over 100 of these images are newly crafted Book Spines.
      • All book images now show the beauty of the entire soft or hard-cover manuals.
    • Recreated several hundred Module spine images so the cover flow is much more appealing.
    • Recreated over 40 Boxed Set Spine images with much sharper and more detailed artwork.
      • Fixed numerous Box Spine images so they correctly show the LEFT side of the original product box.
      • High attention to detail in getting all the symbols, logos, and trademarks in the proper place.
      • There are still a few dozen more that need to be reimaged.
    • Resampled all Box Spine images to 300 DPI.
  3. Resampled All Box Front, Box Back, and Clear Logo images to 300 DPI.
  4. Recreated 128 new Box 3D images
    • Using the newly reimaged Box Spines, many 3D box images needed recreating.
    • Recreated around 10 new hardback book images. 
    • The images now show the box detail much clearer and more detailed.
    • Resampled these newly created images to 300 DPI.
    • Still need to resample and/or fix ~ 565 more 3D Box Images.
  5. Added/Changed filter categories.
    • Added a new filter called Series. This allows searching by the product series such as A - Adventure, B - Basic, C - Competition, D - Drow, etc.
    • Changed the filter AUTHOR to DESIGNER, which better describes the product's creator.
    • Fixed some misspellings.
    • Fixed numerous items that were missing a filter category such as Year, Designer, Pages, or Format.
  6. Added a Striped Modules Playlist.
    • This was done originally just to collect modules together that had a top solid border or a left corner stripe.
    • The Box Front, Box Spine, and Box Back images were all then adjusted so the border runs seamless from front to back when viewed in the 3D viewer.
    • It turned out to be such an interesting playlist, I kept it for posterity's sake.
  7. Edited numerous other (non-striped) book images from front to back so the cover art appears seamless when viewed in the 3D viewer.
  8. Renamed the Basic/Expert/Companion D&D playlist to Basic/Expert/Master D&D. 
  9. Updated over 200 Box Front images.
    • Over 100 were edited to adjust the top striped border.
    • The rest were to provide much better, sharper artwork.
  10. Updated over 200 Box Back images. 
    • Over 100 were edited to adjust the top striped border.
    • The rest were to provide much better, sharper artwork.
  11. Changed the names of a few files to more correctly represent the title.
    • TSR8421 - Catacombs Books - DragonLance - Solo Quest - Gnomes-100, Dragons-0.png ---> TSR8421 - Catacombs Books - A DragonLance Solo Quest - Gnomes-100, Dragons-0
    • TSR9114 - Expert Game Adventure - XL1 - Quest for the Heartstone.png ---> TSR9114 - Expert Game Adventure - XL-1 - Quest for the Heartstone
    • TSR9123 - Official Game Adventure - Conan - CB1 - Unchained!.png ---> TSR9123 - Official Game Adventure - CB1 - Conan - Unchained!
    • TSR9124 - Official Game Adventure - Conan - CB2 - Against Darkness.png ---> TSR9124 - Official Game Adventure - CB2 - Conan - Against Darkness!
    • TSR9188 - Expert Game Adventure - X12 - Skardas Mirror ---> TSR9188 - Expert Game Adventure - X12 - Skarda's Mirror
    • TSR9263 - REF1 - Official Game Accessory - Dungeon Master Screen.png ---> TSR9263 - Official Game Accessory - REF1 - Dungeon Master Screen

I hope you're as excited to download version 3.9.0 of the D&D M&M Platform as I was to release it. This latest update is the culmination of months of data and image editing, while the entire platform is an avocation that I've been working on since 2018. You can simply extract the archive file to the directory where you have your LaunchBox directory installed. You may want to delete the D&D Images folder, if you have one already installed, to make sure you see the latest images and filenames, before extracting but it's not necessary. If I forgot to include anything, I will upload minor version updates, once I discover them. There should be another major update in a few months.

Thanks so much to websites like RPGGeek, TSRArchive, DriveThruRPG, eBay, and Worthpoint which without these amazing sites, none of this would be possible. I must reiterate, however, that NO PDFs or Software are included with this platform. This is 100% for the preservation, enjoyment, and appreciation of the mythology, artwork, and universe that is D&D.


Version 3.3.3 of the D&D M&M Platform

Some significant updates to hundreds of images, especially box spines. Many spine images now have much sharper artwork and align much better with the associated box front cover art. While these updates may not be immediately noticeable, they greatly improve the overall aesthetic of the platform. All you need to do it extract the first archive. It will automatically extract all files from both parts.

  • 490 new/redesigned spine images (680 total)
    • Updated or added numerous Boxed Set spine images with richer and sharper artwork.
    • Changed hundreds of module and softcover spines so they are thinner and align better with the front cover.
    • Spine images for Boxed Sets, Modules, and Softcover Accessories now align properly with their front cover counterparts.
    • Updated the trading card boxed sets so the orientation and 360-degree rotation of the box is continuous from front to back.
    • Still need to add ~300 softcover manual spine images. This will take months to complete so I wanted to get all the easier fixes done first.
  • 15 redesigned 3D Box Images.
    • Updated several boxed set 3D images using the newer box spine images.
    • New 3D image model for the two 3-Ring Binder products.
      • TSR2102 - Monstrous Compendium - MC1 - Volume One.
      • TSR2105 - Monstrous Compendium - MC4 - DragonLance - Appendix.
    • Altered the thickness of some boxed set images.
  • 9 redesigned Box Front Images.
    • Updated with richer and sharper images.
    • Blended some front-covers so the color and image alignment matches the box spine images
  • 11 redesigned Box Back images.
    • Updated with richer and sharper images.
  • Fixed/renamed the main D&D Platform Icon so it now appears in LaunchBox.
  • Slight edits to the D&D Platform Description Notes.


Version 3.1.1 of the D&D M&M Platform

  • Added ~350 more spine images for the modules.
    • None of these thin modules have any specific graphics or text on their spines so it was easy to create a Photoshop Action then have Photoshop bulk generate them.
  • Fixed 8 Box spines that were not cropped properly.
  • Split the Download file into 2 files:
    • The ~5.9GB file is apparently too large for a successful download, so I reworked the file.
    • I changed the file type from ZIP to RAR, shortened the filename, and then split it into 2 files, in order to get it downloading and extracting properly. If you downloaded this before, please try again.


Version 3.0.0 of the D&D M&M Platform

VERSION 3.0.0 IS OUT!  From all the excitement surrounding the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie, I thought it would be prudent to celebrate with the latest Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules release. With the addition of new LaunchBox functionality, such as box spines, icons, filters, and custom fields, an enormous amount of data, images, and information was added to the Dungeons & Dragon Manuals & Modules Platform. There is so much new content, I'll need to roll a successful intelligence check to remember what was added/changed.

  1. Box Spines: 214 new Box - Spine left-sided images created for all boxed sets, all hardcovers books, and several soft cover products.
    • These allow 214 of the 960 images to be viewed using LaunchBox's new 360-degree image viewer.
    • Softcover and module spine images will be included in a later release as it will take several months to find and Photoshop the 300+ spine images.
  2. 22 Playlist Icons added. These new icons can be viewed in the LaunchBox left-hand playlist menu.
  3. 218 (whew!) updated Box - 3D images.
    • Many softcover books now better represent the proper page-count and thickness of the original printed manuals.
    • Dragon Magazines, around a dozen boxed sets, and several softcover manuals had their images completely refurbished from higher resolution photos, better preserved products, and include proper rear covers.
    • Several images have been redesigned with new 3D models (see #7 below).
  4. 28 updated Box - Front images with much sharper and richer artwork.
  5. 18 updated Box - Back images with much sharper and richer artwork.
  6. 7 new custom fields that make searching/filtering for a product or series much easier. These new data fields expand not only the knowledge base of the original products but aid with historical preservation as well.
    • Author: Usually 1 or more of the main contributors to the book, manual, module, or accessory.
    • Category: Accessory, Adventure, Campaign Setting, Board Game, Core Rules, or Sourcebook. Values assigned to various items will likely change a bit in the future, as more data becomes available.
    • Format: Hardcover, Softcover, Module, Boxed Set, Folding Cardstock, Leatherbound Book, et al.
    • Pages: This helped greatly with redesigning many 3D images to better represent the book thickness of softcover manuals.
    • Rule Set: Original D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, AD&D 2nd Edition, Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal, RPGA, Saga System, etc.
    • Setting: Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, Ravenloft, Planescape, Lankhmar, Spelljammer, Greyhawk, Mystara, Birthright, et al.
    • Year: Release Year of the product. This makes for a pleasurable and informative year-by-year journey though D&D history.
  7. 2 new types of 3D image designs:
    • Folding Cardstock: Used to display products such as Dungeon Master's Screens.
    • Leather-bound Books: Used for the 4 Encyclopedia Magica manuals (I love these!!!).
  8. Updates to some playlists to better represent a particular game setting.
  9. Updates to several filenames to better represent the product titles.
  10. Updates to game notes when errors or misspellings were found.

I hope you're as excited to download version 3.0.0 of the D&D M&M Platform as I was to release it. This latest update is the culmination of months of data and image editing, while the entire platform is an avocation that I've been working on since 2018. You can simply extract the archive file to the directory where you have your LaunchBox directory installed. You may want to delete the D&D Images folder, if you have one already installed, to make sure you see the latest images and filenames, before extracting but it's not necessary. If I forgot to include anything, I will upload minor version updates, once I discover them. There should be another major update in a few months.

Thanks so much to websites like RPGGeek, TSRArchive, DriveThruRPG, eBay, and Worthpoint which without these amazing sites, none of this would be possible. I must reiterate, however, that NO PDFs or Software are included with this platform. This is 100% for the preservation, enjoyment, and appreciation of the mythology, artwork, and universe that is D&D.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues during setup. The XML file path for all items is set to Z:/ but I can help if anyone wants to use a different absolute or relative path. PLEASE SEE FURTHER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. Also, please make sure to backup your LaunchBox installation before making any big changes such a this. There are no LaunchBox core files included in this archive but it's always wise to have a backup plan just in case you're waylaid by any  dishonorable thieves or savage troglodytes. But most of all... roll a natural 20 and ENJOY!


Version 2.8.0 of the D&D M&M Platform

A huge update to the Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Platform that includes the following:

  1. 36 NEW/Fixed 3D images 
    • 11 newly created 3D images including the ALQ1-8 Al-Qadim series, Diablo II Adventure set, GR1 Strongholds, FR8 Cities of Mystery.
    • 25 fixed images including Dungeon Master Decks boxes, 1993 Collector Cards, and several other boxed sets.
  2. 37 Fixed Box Front images - much sharper and richer artwork
  3. 12 Fixed Box Back images - much sharper and richer artwork
  4. 12 Playlists Updated/Created
    • Greatly expanded the playlist data for GreyhawkMystara. The items added to these playlists do a much better job of expanding and understanding the worlds.
    • Removed Original/Basic/AD&D D&D Playlist and created the 1st Edition Playlist and Basic/Expert/Companion D&D playlist which identifies the editions of these products much better.
    • Updated the AD&D 2nd Edition, Board Games, Core Rules, Forgotten Realms, Monster Manuals,  Planescape, & Ravenloft playlists with several additions to each.
    • Moved items out of playlists where items should not have belonged to that playlist in the first place. 
    • Combined the Oriental Adventures Playlist with the Forgotten Realms playlist.
  5. Replaced a few Playlist Clear Logos
    • Greyhawk Adventures had Adventures (aventures) misspelled but is now correct.
    • DragonLance was using the Fifth Age logo but now uses the correct original logo.
    • Added New Dungeons & Dragons logo for Basic/Expert/Companion D&D
  6. Replaced numerous Playlist Fanart images.
    • Updated some existing images with better quality ones.
    • Added more images to all Playlist Fanart folders so there is more randomization of background art.
    • Resampled all Fanart images to 1920x1080 so the images display properly when shown in the background.
    • Removed artwork from post AD&D era. Playlists now include only artwork from the TSR era and for the proper setting in which the artwork was created.
    • Added/replaced several more Fanart images to the main D&D Platform menu.
  7. Renamed 2 PDF filenames to more properly represent the product title.
    • TSR9449 - Al-Qadim - Campaign - ALQ7 - Corsairs of the Great Sea
    • TSR9467 - Al-Qadim - Campaign - ALQ6 - Cities of Bone
  8. Minor Notes/Product Description update.

Version 2.0 of the D&D M&M Platform... now with 3D Images! 
After months of searching through countless images on numerous websites then fabricating nearly 1000 new images, I am finally proud to bring you Version 2.0 of the Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Launchbox Platform. It now has the following enhancements.

  1. 960 new 3D images all created by yours truly using Photoshop and a lot of time and learning.
    • The images may not be perfectly accurate, sized, or shaped renditions of the original book, box, accessory, or component but they are quite good representations.
    • Here on the LaunchBox forums is the only place you will find any 3D image collection of this magnitude of these original Dungeons & Dragons items. Nowhere else will have these!
    • Searching for box side art, photoshop mockups, and action files plus fabricating all of these was a massive undertaking that I began last March.
    • There will definitely be updates to images as I find better shots of side art, better PSD mockups, and better actions files.
  2. In addition to the 3D images, I fixed a few hundred 2D images by cropping, blending, or replacing distorted, truncated, or otherwise poor images.
  3. Resampled many images that were either too large or too small so the size of the image cache is now much smaller and more evenly distributed.
  4. The old image collection was quite large (~5.5 GB). The new collection is similar in size but contains over 960 more images.
  5. Minor description and filename fixes.


1.1.1 - Added images to the Platform - D&D - Fanart folder so the main title in BigBox has artwork.


1.1.0 - The latest updates to this Dungeon & Dragons Platform include the following

  • Added new playlists
  • Added descriptions to all playlists
  • Added new images to various playlists.
  • Some minor corrections in the various file descriptions.


1.0.0 - Initial Release with 2D images and synopsis for each product.

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Version Update/Change Log

What's New in Version 4.0.0   See changelog


Updated Screenshots. See details for full changelog.

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Awesome job on this and extra props for taking the time to write out detailed instructions.  I was inundated at first but after 3 days was able to get 90% up and operational.  Its great having all these compiled in one place and i am still looking forward to tinkering with some of the old school D&D programs. 

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