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  1. Super Mario Bros. Hacks (NES)

    Here are 298 hacks for Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I love these, there are some good ones that are a lot of fun!
    The file Nintendo Entertainment System (Mario Hacks).7z is to be unzipped and placed in your LaunchBox\Images folder. These are all the screen-titles and screen-shots. The file Nintendo Entertainment System (Mario Hacks).png is a clear-logo I made (of course you can make your own if you wish). The file Nintendo Entertainment System (Mario Hacks).xml is to be placed in your LaunchBox\Data\Platforms folder as this has all the game notes. You will just need to use the replace function in Notepad++ to change the directories from G:\Nintendo Entertainment System (Mario Hacks) to whatever your directory will be. There are no clear logos for the games themselves. I just settle with the generic font if using BigBox.
    As for the games themselves, most hacks come in the form of a patch file like the .ips extension. You name your .nes file and .ips file the same name for each game. Some patches need a specific ROM like (JE) or (World) etc. Once named correctly, place them all in the same folder, then import the .nes file to LB and upon launching, it patches automatically as long as the files are named the same as stated above.
    If you need some ‘help’ with the actual games (.nes and .ips files) themselves, send me a PM.
    Also, I’ll always be adding more to this as I obtain more.


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  2. Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Platform

    If you're a Dungeons & Dragons player, enjoy reading the mythology, or simply enjoy the artwork, you may enjoy this LaunchBox system. The games within the system consist of Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks, gaming modules, cards, and boardgames from Original D&D all the way through the end of AD&D 2nd Edition (~1972-2000). This is not a video game system but a PDF e-reader system. THERE ARE NO D&D PDFs FOR DOWNLOAD, ONLY IMAGES AND DB FILES FOR USE WITH LAUNCHBOX! I will NOT provide you with PDFs or links to them. If you already own the modules or books in PDF format, this is simply an art-driven way to visually collect them all together and display.
    LINK TO BOLT-ON THE LB FILES: https://mega.nz/#F!tZtliI6Q!IrbOa3ig6xz40HV-tN31Ow
    Simply put these files/folders into your LauchBox directory.
    ---------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND ----------------------------------------------
    I've been working on a new LB Dungeons & Dragons system, mostly for personal enjoyment, for quite some time now. I originally made it for my Hyperspin installation but finally decided to try it out for Launchbox. Once I saw how feature-rich LaunchBox is, I decided to rework this D&D system for LB. I extracted the front and back images from all modules and manuals, reworked almost every filename so they are longer and more descriptive, and added NOTES/Descriptions for all 960 files. This took a LONG time but was totally worth it (it gave me something to do). I think I started on it in September and worked on it as I had time but the 1st draft is finally here for you all to enjoy.
    This is of course the very first version of the database (XML) file. I figured it would be wisest to post this on the forum, while I link the other files to my MEGA storage, as this is the file that will likely change the most. The images are quite large so it isn't feasible to upload them on the forums. The FANART - BACKGROUND images are the SAME as the BOX - FRONT images so you can really just skip downloading those and copy/paste the BOX - FRONT images to the FANART - BACKGROUND folder. 
    There will definitely be updates to the filenames, images, and notes as I find misspellings, omissions, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. I did not type all the notes myself but found a lot of information and back-cover descriptions for each file on sites such as rpggeek.com, tsrbothgunsblazing.com, tomeoftreasures.com, waynesbooks.com, dmsguild.com, worthpoint.com, and several others. Much of the data on these sites had a lot of misspellings, omissions, and grammatical errors so I did my best in refining the data.
    You may be wondering how it works with a PDF reader. Well, I use Soda PDF with Rocket Launcher and it works amazing. Please search for and download Soda PDF reader (it's FREE!) version 7.2.03 and connect it to RocketLauncher. RocketLauncher already has built-in AHK files for Soda PDF which makes it super easy to run properly. I also like to view the PDFs in 3D as it has the nice page-turning effect.
    I've included several playlists that make up the various game settings such as Forgotten Realms, Planescape, Ravenloft, and DragonLance. As you can see in the examples, I use the front page of the manual as the background for the selected item. Using the FLIP feature, you may also view the artwork/descriptions from the backs of every item.  I also included several background images and logos for the various playlists. It definitely needs more work to reach its full potential but I am happy with how it's turned out so far.
    I really hope you like the D&D Platform. Please let me know your thoughts on improving what I have already. If any of you awesome artists would like to contribute to this platform, by all means, please do so!
    NOTE: This system has not been set up with any custom BigBox themes except the 2 that come included with BigBox. If you use a custom theme, you'll need to move the images to the proper folders.
    I'm hoping, at some point, this D&D system can be part of the automatic downloads one receives when setting up a new platform.


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  3. PinBall FX3 2D Box

    Since I use all 2D box art I needed something for FX3..This a a quick mock up for me until I get motivated someday for a different layout..Huge credit to any original creator on some of the dockets i found on the web. Total list should have 73 images..


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