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About This File

A collection of custom user controls to make custom themes easier.

I will be updating the tool periodically with new features.

Install for use

  • Download HexControls.dll
  • place the file in the plugins folder in your theme

Screenshots Control.


A control to randomly display a list of screenshots available for a game. It will stretch itself to the bounds of the container it is placed in.

Default Use in a Theme


Advanced Use

Using the properties below will allow the user to effect the maximum number of screenshots shown, spacing  and border controls


ScreenshotBorderColor: Border Color
ScreenshotPanelOrientation: "Vertical"  or "Horizontal" Direction Screenshot span
ScreenshotMaxImages:   Number of maximum screenshots shown (Default is 4)
ScreenshotBorderSize:  How thick the border around the screenshot is. Setting the bordersize to zero will remove the border
ScreenshotCornerRadius: Curve around all edges of a scrrenshot
ScreenshotMarginSize= Space Between each screenshots edge



      <Hex:Screenshots ScreenshotBorderColor="Blue"



Star Rating

Default Use in a Theme

  • In a Game view call
     <Hex:StarRating /> 
    • Pretty much it for the default use. The control will size to whatever space it is placed in.
    • This will get you a red star with white border for an on star and a black star with white border for an off star.


Advanced Use

I've set up the control to allow users to do two things:

  • Modify the color properties for Star On/Star Off and their border
  • Modify two Star vectors layered on top of each other; this has been created to allow for more vibrant star designs using transparency.


ColorOnStarOneFill - On Fill Color  for Star one
ColorOnStarOneBorder -  On Border Color for Star One
ColorOnStarTwoFill - On Fill Color for Star Two
ColorOnStarTwoBorder -  On Border Color for Star Two

ColorOffStarOneFill - Off Fill Color for Star One
ColorOffStarOneBorder -  Off Border Color for Star One
ColorOffStarTwoFill - Off Fill Color for Star Two
ColorOffStarTwoBorder - Off Border Color for Star Two

StarsMarginSize -  Margin Between Each star
BorderStarOneSize - Size of the Border for Star One
BorderStarTwoSize -  Size of the Border for Size Two

So, using these settings

<Hex:StarRating Panel.ZIndex="1000"


Will give you a result like this.



What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Quick Edit to screenshot control, no major changes

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